Soldiers Victory Loot

as the title suggest, It would improve gameplay pace if soldier can loot dead enemy party’s dropped item and put it in storage area or boxes after the battle ends, that way, worker won’t have to stop all work progress to just pick up the loot. As the village grows, more building tasks are given to worker hearthlings, so the growth pace gets slower the larger we get, so I hope oneday dev team reads this and take it into consideration. Thank you.


I’ve losthearthlings due to this :’(

well I mean you could go to the character sheet and click their names to put their sprite in the middle of the camera, unless they bugged out of the world. Happens to me too. though I’m not quite sure what kind of “lost” do you mean. lost = dead or the one I talked about?

Dead, because while they’re on the way to grab the loot, some other enemy crew spawns and attacks

aw. welp I hope this suggestion can solve that one day. If heard by the dev team

Heres a protip on that issue: Place down a chest close to all that loot. Send in soldiers and uncheck the “job”. They will pick up loot and put it into the box. When you’re done, move the box into your town, it will transfer all items as well. Having the chest near the loot will even be highly prioritized, so you wouldn’t even have to make your soldiers do the carrying.


You can first disable the job of your soldiers so they will take the look before to go home.
But if you disable the jobs during a combat, they won’t fight and once the first monster has fall, they’ll take the loot and continue to work and take other items arround.

So, You need to disable the jobs after the fight when the last monster is low health

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Let alone, while still in battle, hearthlings will start to come get said loot and take damage while trying to grab the items… #priorities

@Brackhar Considering that the game kind of pushes you to get solders pretty quickly, maybe making looting a task for just combat units comes to mind. Thoughts?

I think this is sound as well, as the time period the game represents most civilians wouldn’t go to far from their birthplace, let alone loot the enemies territory without their respective warriors to back them up. In almost every culture up to the modern day the spoils of combat are raided by the warriors of its diplomatic entity.

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Yeah, it should probably be at least an explicit action by the player to pick up the loot, if not a combat class only thing. I’ll put this in our backlog. I agree it’s wrong as is.


I don’t have an issue with workers doing the looting, the trouble I have is when your soldiers get killed at an enemy camp your workers need to pick everything up so go to the enemy… and thus begins a death spiral for your town. And if you try to recruit new soldiers they go get a sword from the battlefield and die as a rookie straight away.


Possible, if weird, fix: When an enemy hit kills a Hearthling, make it owned by those enemies, so your Hearthlings won’t pick it up unless you give an order for it to be looted.


that’s a good idea, having items that are dropped by dead hearthlings count as property of an enemy, requiring workers to loot it

was thinking of something similar, personally don’t see it as that weird though, i mean, we take stuff dropped by the enemies our guys kill, why shouldn’t they take stuff from the guys they kill :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’d be cool to see the goblin workers having something to do, stealing my dead guys things! They’d feel a lot more like another player/entity in the game!

Even better, they would leave after they steal a certain amount of value, which would give your town time to recover and possibly break a death spiral!


Yes, like from this old suggestion No way to stop hearthlings from picking dead hearthlings items we talked about the same thing (loot being owned by the enemy)

It’s not that weird. My initial suggestion for a fix would be almost exactly this (though make it neutral instead of enemy, so the goblins don’t decide to stockpile it for themselves).


personally i think it would add to the effect if they did stockpile it, i mean, if a goblin kills someone and they drop a shiny metal thing, don’t you think they would take it for themselves?

but whatever the case, a fix for this problem would be great :smile:


I feel like if everyone just went after their own stuff lost it would entertain at the very least.