QB Recolorer for Colors Mod

Voila, after a couple weeks of hard programming and testing, I present to you the QB RECOLORER BETA.


  • Recolors QB files.
  • Recolors PNG files.
  • Generates JSON files.
  • Generates Recipes.
  • Generates Manifest Aliases.
  • Generates Crafter Recipe Lists.
  • 19 preset colors with more on the way.
  • Ability to define custom colors.
  • Included Example and Extensive How-To.

Basically, this thing can take one item and recolor it into multiple with all the needed files for it to function.
Granted, it’s still up to you to piece together the manifest and any mixintos or overrides. But using this program will save you a lot of time.

It’s main purpose is to make it easier to produce add-ons for my Colors Mod, but it can be used for other things as well.

Download Beta 2
View Source on GitHub

If you would like a feature added, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do :wink:
Special thanks to @jonzoid and @OneLaughingLlama for Alpha testing.


excellent work @chimeforest! i would definitely like to give this a go this weekend… thanks! :+1:

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Totally need to test this, really nice to see all these mods and add-ons pop up from times to times. Hopefully there will be a lot more peoples that dip their toes into voxel modeling and modding to provide new and fresh ideas for the game!

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Thanks guys =D
If you have any questions about how to use it, or if need something clarified, just let me know ^^

[quote=“chimeforest, post:4, topic:8683”]
If you have any questions about how to use it, or if need something clarified, just let me know ^^
So does this work with ANY model and make it function ith Color Mod?

Pretty much :smile:
You’ll still need to write the manifest and what not, but this program generates all the recipes, JSONs, and PNGs you’ll need.
Also you need to do just a little bit of set-up, but it’s pretty easy. (much easier than recoloring the model 6-7 times and as many PNGs and JSONs)

ANY QB model can be recolored.
To make it function with the Colors Mod you just need to make sure “~color~ cloth resource” or “~color~ dye resource” is one of the ingredients on the recipe page =]

Definitely going to test this out! Good work bro!

Thanks! Let me know what you think of it :smile:

Also, I just remembered; It can’t handle Compressed QB models(Yet?), but neither can stonehearth, so I’m not too worried about it.


I know I only just released it yesterday, but I just gave this program an update. It is now Beta2!

Updated features include:

  • Light and Dark colors added
  • dye_color added to colors, for example “light_blue” cloth would still need to be dyed with “blue” dye.
  • CUSTOM COLORS dialog added!! Now anyone can easily add new colors.
  • New option to set the ‘NEG color’ eg. the color the program looks for in the NEG file to know which voxel to change in the original.

That’s it :smile:


Great program. :thumbsup:
does it color the whole item or only specific colors?

It recolors specific voxels, which are a specific color in a secondary QB.(black by default)

Like so:

The Program only recolors voxels which are black in the secondary(NEG) QB. That way the red tablecloth gets recolored, but the wooden table stays the same :smile:

My old old version of this program(which I lost due to a HDD fail and never released) worked by only replacing certain colors in the original. This newer method is much more flexible. =]


thanks for the explanation.

You’re welcome :smile:

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Great work @chimeforest :thumbsup:

I’ve been curious on how you went about recoloring, negatives were a great solution :wink:

Thanks again for contributing your time to the community :smiley:

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Thank you =D

After recoloring all the chairs and beds and flags and rugs by hand I figured there had to be a faster way to do it :wink:

Hopefully other people will use it, or at least look at the code to see how it works. :smile: