Colour pallets from livestream, access?

In the livestream you can see that the “standard” colour pallet often used is named "wood"
Is this a custom pallet? if so, any chance the creators could somehow share it?

And yes, I know most of the colours is often hand-picked from the “mixing board” or whatever it is called, but it could be useful to have the same start the creators do

For the basic terrain colours I’ve used I simply used a colour picker tool in an image editing program (was probably, noted the hex codes and used those in Qubicle, it’s pretty easy to do. Shades can then easily be achieved by slightly modifying those colours.

Hey did you ever find some downloadable palettes? I’m looking for Qubical at the moment and can’t find any .qcm or qcp formats

hmm… let’s call in some of our heavy hitters… :smile:

paging @Pandemic, @voxel_pirate, @Relyss, @Froggy, @Pepe, @TobiasSabathius, @Xavion

Unfortunately the .qb-files do not carry any information about the used color maps. So far I was taking screenshots and used the color picker tool just as Decho.

Now we have access to many many models and assets in the Alpha I am just importing them and colour picking off them.
It is a small step from that to creating pallets for the models and saving them out as .qcm files. I am just not that organised :wink:


I did this from when I was recreating or replicating materials like wood or metals, but now that the Alpha is out they gave us access to a good amount of colors. You can share them. I have shared my color palette with a few people such as @Avairian, but i do not think you can share them through discourse

do you mean a particular filetype which you cant upload? let us know, and we’ll ping the Discourse folks and see about remedying that…

yeah the color maps can’t be uploaded (Tested while posting this) and those are the .qcp and .qcm filetypes.

gotcha, thanks… we’ll reach out and see about getting these added as approved extensions…

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What I do is importing one of the official models, clean the pallette, and use the option of ‘Add colors of selected matrix’ in the colorpicker manager. One matrix at a time, but you can make a palette with this. Now that we can access official qb’s…

ok, we should now have those two file extensions now on the discourse (although i’m not seeing the update just yet - might just need to relaunch the browser though)…

.qcp and .qcm show up for me. If you’re going for stonehearth relevant filetypes than .qb, .lua, and .json would be the other three.

good point, i’ll ask the folks about this as well… thanks! :+1:

Wow you guys are organized! I am currently using Zoxel Zoxel: Zoxel v0.4.1 because it makes shading so, so easy! I create my voxel art in Qubicle and use Sproxel to create file types to get my images between Zoxel and Qubicle.

Does that make sense? ; P

I’m a bit confused though, as I’m using the voxel art for my own purposes I asked here since you guys use the same software, but I don’t know my way around. Does anyone care to direct me (a link?) to where I will find the files you are referring to : )

these are now available, but .json is being “reviewed” as it may cause an issue (given that the discourse itself leverages .json files)…

wow, hadnt heard of this before… but i love the description on the blog…

It’s pretty minimal, think MS Paint for voxels.

quick, someone tell @Geoffers747 he has a new medium to express himself artistically! :smile: