Candyland Terrain Mod

Candyland Mod

Candyland Mod is a replacement for the regular terrain, making all of the features candy-like!


Currently Implemented:

Lollipop Trees that produce ???
Candyfloss Trees that produce ???

To be implemented:

Candyfloss Trees
Gumball Bushes
Different Terrain Colours
Candy Furniture
Candy Houses

This is my first time ever making a mod, and so far it’s been quite a lot of fun! I’ll try to update the mod as the game updates, but the project might be abandoned due to other projects that I’d like to work on.

I’m not providing a download just yet, but when I feel it’s at a suitable stage of development, I shall release it!


Reserved for future use.

Also reserved for future use.

awwwww, isn’t this just the sweetest thing?!? :candy:

sorry, couldn’t help it… I’ll see myself out now…


+7 internet points for you… I can do that, right? It’s my topic!

Wreck It Ralph’s Sugar Rush is one of my favorite 3-D rendered environments, ever. I remember reading how the animators stressed about deforming giant gumdrops so they would behave how we felt they should behave rather than how they would actually behave. Definitely want to see this!

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Well here is a little screenie for you, @sdee… Not everything is in, as stated in the post above. :wink:

Also I could have lollipop trees instead of the candycane… I’ll try modelling one. :smile:


Based on what I said earlier… what do you think of this instead of candy canes? Or maybe I can have both?

Ignore the floating red-purple lollipops…


I had no idea what to expect with Wreck it Ralph. It was amazing.

I have to say my favourite were the citizens of Sugar Rush who sat in the grand stands.


Now @Alfie - to the fungeon!


Oh god… more ideas! :scream: Should I change the civs to look like those? I’ll have to try animating if I do…


There’s loads of different ones! I’m trying to find some videos and failing miserably.

There’s a load of pictures on this page :smile:

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I feel this is going to become more than a terrain mod…


Candyland faction.

Do it. Doooo it.


I guess I’ll have to go learn Lua and how to animate… I’ve been putting learning Lua off for too long… :wink:

Edit: I’ve basically finished the models for trees and also putting them into the game… I just need to tweak a few things and then it’s done. :smiley:


Can I just say, I’m honoured that you made the trees have a big ‘G’ in the middle - it really means a lot.


oh lord, surely this is one of the signs of the sweet, sweet apocalypse? :wink:

looking forward to where you take this @Alfie:+1:

Sssh - they aren’t meant to know!

I’m not even sure how I thought of this… I think it happened when I changed the grass color to incredibly bright pink.

My personal favorite were the animal crackers with the animals jumping up and down inside of them. :slight_smile: We need a way to make shiny voxels now.


and I can say “I was there when it all started…”, with little memory flashback wavy lines and all… you were IMing me on steam as you implemented the pink grass, if memory serves… :smile:

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These ones?

For some odd reason I have no memory of them, maybe the cuteness overloaded all of my senses at once?