Candyland Terrain Mod [Updated - A11 build 2494]

Hi all, for some circumstances I’m taking the Candyland mod over completely, so I made this new thread to be able to update the OP when the new releases are finished.

The original idea of this mod belongs to @Alfie. Candyland Mod is a replacement for the regular terrain, making all of the features candy-like!

Note: You may have noticed that there are several Candyland mods. That’s because they represent different biomes that will be merged together when biomes are implemented in the game. That means they aren’t compatible, so you can only use one at a time for the moment. If you have any suggestion or problems with the mod, please feel free to leave a comment.

Downloads (paste the smod file into your mods folder):

Latest compatible version: Alpha 11 build 2494

This mod is still in progress.
Old thread of this Mod (includes early concepts).


First, I want to apologize for the poor quality of the screenshots, as my computer can’t run the game with ambient occlusion, the objects don’t cast shadows and everything looks pixelated.

  • Candyland1 - Chocolate Heaven

  • Candyland2 - My teeth hurt!

  • Furniture

nice work @Relyss… this should make @sdee’s day! as soon as she decides to finally drag herself into work…

sheesh, it’s 4:30am Stephanie… wakey wakey, eggs-n-bakey!! :smile:


Ohhhhh… Why not name them? It really makes it a lot more obvious what ones include what. :wink:

For example:

Candyland Mod - Chocolate Heaven
Candyland Mod - My teeth hurt! (aka Candyfloss)


OMG this is awesome! Sending the link around the office now… Whatever the chocolate things are with the cream stuffing… must… have…

Edit: Some of my favorites:

  • I love the hovering cookie trees
  • Pocky!
  • Swiss Rolls == Juniper Trees
  • Brown Sugar Cubes!!!

And to think the entire concept started as me changing the grass colour to luminous pink.

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as i’m stuck at work, i’m waiting patiently for said screenshots… :smile:


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Very awesome mod, I’ve followed this from the beginning and will follow it to release. If you need any help modeling structures or something than I would love to lend a hand. Other than that I would like to say amazing mod and I can’t wait to see more.

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I’m just gunna drop this here for you @Relyss

I thought it looked fitting… :blush:


Alfie what program did you use?

Photoshop. :slight_smile: I just got a font from this lovely website, then added a few blending effects, and done!

i’ve wasted more time there than i care to admit openly… :smile:

lovely, edible logo you made there… :+1:

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I like making logos… I always make them simple, but they do the job. :wink:

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It’s been quite awhile @Relyss how’s everything going? =)

Well, everything’s fine. I got a job a month ago so now I have less time but I still enjoy helping with the bug reports.

The mod is on hiatus, although it still works without problems in this Alpha version. I have models and other things half done, but I don’t know when will I update the mods. The other day I tried to modify the UI but I didn’t have enough imagination and gave up because I was tired.
I don’t get used to waking up so early every day x_x

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well, congratulations! :smiley:

the things we do to earn a :dollar::wink:


I discovered the benefits of coffee :coffee: :grin:


Seems like the Candyland mod is still compatible with the latest releases, so I updated the OP.
In the meantime I try to add new content (or make other little mods) I accept suggestions for the new features, I need sweet-related things to replace:

  • Boulders
  • Flowers
  • Food (turnips, corn, jerky…)
  • Silk plants
  • Animals

Possibilities include:

  • Leaving the item as is but changing its color to represent it’s made of something sweet (chocolate, etc.)
  • Taking one of the tree variants the mod has, and use it to replace one of the above items (because there is so much tree variation at the moment, it doesn’t look natural :sweat_smile:)

I was also trying to replace the UI, beginning by a new Zone Management sign, but I’m having trouble perfectioning shadows to make it look good.


Cool, can not wait for more mods if you make some more maybe combat baste mods? and sorry i have no Suggestions for this mod atm

on behalf of @sdee:+1:

nice! lets see some screenshots! :smiley: