Candyland Terrain Mod [Updated - A11 build 2494]


:lollipop: Tosses candies at everyone :candy:

Merry Christmas! :smile:

I’ve updated the Candyland mods to be compatible with Alpha 7. I’d appreciate any suggestions and comments.

Candyland2 has replaced every terrain feature that is present when you start the game, but Candyland1 lacks models for silkweed and the flowers. If anyone can come up with ideas for those models (I’d like them to fit with the theme, instead of copy pasting from the other mod, because otherwise it doesn’t look homogeneous), I’d be glad to hear them.

I’ve uploaded some screenshots to the second post, but I didn’t want to make spoiler of some new models :disappointed_relieved: although you can see some of them in the unexplored region at the distance.

I hope I haven’t missed any reference in the code… :innocent:

Also, a quick summary of things I want to do:

  • Adjust the models size and collision boxes (sometimes they’re too big or too small).
  • Optimize the overrides (right now they rewrite the whole entities, I could override only models and change names in mixintos)

For the future (I have some models half-done):

  • Candy furniture (I’ll start by random furniture, not collections, and it will be a separate category in the list of recipes)
  • Monsters! And a boss. If I manage to finish them and fix a problem I’m having with custom animations. :disappointed_relieved:
  • Building parts (I have some ideas for this).
  • Change some UI images to candy theme.

Well, I hope you like it. Happy holidays :blush:


I’m too tired to think of some ideas. All Í could think of for the flowers were to make actual chocolate flowers, but maybe you wanna do something more with that :smile:

Otherwise I’d recommend to Google search for some Willy Wonka images, maybe you can find some insipration from there (It is, after all, a chocolate factory).


you must update this for alpha 8! :smile:


Question: Do you prefer slicing jellies or making ‘happy meals’ with them? :wink:

I’d just watch them do wobbly cute animations all day :smile: (that’s if I manage to make them. Haven’t started yet, but I think the skeleton in Blender has turned out better than I expected). :rainbow:

Also accidentally I’ve found other possible monsters that I’ll add some day. :doughnut:
I’m trying to adjust at least the destination_region of trees, so the hearthlings don’t chop them too near/far.

I wish days were longer :pensive:


Had to giggle…but really depends on their eyes, you know them cute little eyes, all sad looking and cute, add a tear when captured and I don’t think the little ones playing Stonehearth will allow a trapper at all :wink:

When you said ‘jellies’ I thought of little jello cubes, no?


Yes =)


Are there plans for Candy themed building parts? :smile:


Of course :wink:

Although they won’t be much fancy at first. Especially because it’s difficult to combine colors with such a theme. But I’ll add them any way.


- Jellies -

-Do you think that we’ll look good with shiny materials?
-Hmm… Not sure.

-I don’t like those humans… They look like they want to eat us!

:laughing: They don’t stop moving… They looked so panicked when I put a stockpile near them, and the hearthlings were approaching… Most of them got cornered on the map’s edge, they wanted to escape.

So cute :blush: (and it’s pretty fast to make animations for them, although in the end not all that I made look good in game, I might have to change the model :disappointed_relieved:)

By the way (with all the crypt thing this week) I finished models for the tombstone, too :smile:


cant… handle… cuteness!!! :blush:


Sooo cute! do they jiggle?


That’s what I intend to do.

They have more surprises that what you can see :yum:


Over abundance of Cutness! Wonder what Vexed’s little one will say :grinning:


oh god, he already stole her minecraft i have heard, don’t let him steal stonehearth too :stuck_out_tongue:


‘Avoid threatening entities’ I guess. It’s like sweeping the floor:

(He’s carrying an item, don’t think he’s showing them something scary :cold_sweat: )


they are maybe scared because the grave?

I wonder if you can make it so they are tameable/friendable


I can imagine a Hearthling with a herd of Jellies following, specially if they be anything like a tribble


hmmmmmmmmm tribbles … i fear for my houses :smiley: but they looks really fantastic :smiley:


After some long weeks I managed to finish updating all the terrain features for both mods (ores not included). This also covers crops, all baskets of food, and the flower pots (since they have to match the wild / crop flowers). I went the lazy way on a few models, but anyway…

Now I can finally focus on furniture / building parts (I’ll try to finish that part by this week, and upload the latest version to Dropbox).

And then, I’ll move onto living things :smile:

Although I have the feeling that TR might release alpha 10 before I finish something with monsters :confused: but the terrain models should be still compatible, so… :blush:


CANDYLAND! I forgot all about this lovely mod… :smile: :+1: