Candyland Terrain Mod [Updated - A11 build 2494]


how could you, you monster! :scream: :scream_cat:


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Ok, so I uploaded the mod for last alpha version (both Candyland1 and Candyland2).

Things that the mod includes:

  • Model replacement and/or change of name/description for trees, boulders, plants.
  • Modified terrain color.
  • Model replacement and corresponding icon change for basic resources (wood, stone, fiber).
  • 8 new recipes for the carpenter (one of them with the “fine” version), and 1 for the mason (same recipes in both mods).
  • Model replacement and/or change of name/description for crops, except pumpkins and carrots (they are already sweet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). They are the same crops for both mods, except corn.
  • Model replacement for flower boxes since they have to match the flowers models.

Things that are on hold (due to bugs):

  • 5 new floor patterns
  • 2 new roof patterns
  • 4 new wall patterns

Planned things:

  • Changing the firepit and the banner models.
  • Changing the color of the particle effect for chopping trees.
  • Updating the embark map colors so they reflect the actual colors of the mod’s terrain.
  • Changing the water color.
  • Adding new monsters to the game
  • Adding more building parts and furniture to the game (probably)
  • Updating the model for the cash crop when it’s added ( already planned what will go there :wink: )

Things that the mod doesn’t include:

  • Collision boxes for trees (since I had to override the whole json files of trees, and my models were sometimes bigger that the normal trunks of the trees, they would end up floating on top of another trees, so I removed temporarily the collision boxes until I find an elegant solution).
  • Replacements for ores. I haven’t planned on this yet. Don’t know if I’ll ever change it.
  • Monsters (don’t lurk in the mod’s files, I’ve removed the qb files, work is still on progress on those). *sneak peak, kinda? I hope I can make them in the end*:

Finally, I guess I should update the screenshots on the second post, because some trees might have changed a little. I don’t want to make spoilers but the only way to get people curious and download it it’s to show them what the mod looks like :smile:

Edit: Screenshots updated. I haven’t shown the candy bed because I find it kind of ugly :cold_sweat:


:neutral_face: :open_mouth: :smiley: :smile: :joy: :boom: easiest way to describe my joy at seeing this…


Updated the mod for Alpha 11. Now it’s even less compatible with other mods :expressionless:


  • Fixed carrot basket model
  • Added several building patterns for Floor, Walls and Roof (you won’t see the icons, but they’re there!!) Some are made of wood and other from stone.
  • Changed water color and updated embark map colors to reflect the mod’s terrain colors
  • Changed Rabbit statue model
  • Added jelly nests (they might be caught by the trapper if you’re lucky, but they won’t drop anything)

These additions are… ugly :cold_sweat: (except the jellies :yum:). This has become more like an experiment and modding training for me, so I’m not currently caring whether the colors match or not. #Too colorful / #sugar_rush / #diabetes



i cant wait to test it out


I was in the middle of working with a similar mod/idea then I found this.
I didn’t know this mod exist and it’s outdated.

@Relyss, can I take over this mod?


I’m actually in the middle of rebuilding it, but it’s taking me long because I mostly work on it on the weekends.

At first I will only release one of the biomes, because I want to make some campaigns too. I was having trouble with the terrain, despite the help from BrunoSupremo, so I ended up changing what I had in mind.

Perhaps you could help me speed this updating process :slight_smile: (they’ve changed so many things that I’m redoing everything from scratch :disappointed: and I had to tweak the script that hotloads the override mod like 3 times already in the past months).

I have many things planned for Candyland, since this is a total conversion mod (not everything will be converted, but almost everything).

Which were your ideas? It was also a candy terrain?


candyland also, same name and yes, while waiting for the marsh biome I thought it must have something opposite, something bright like the candy kingdom in adventure time.

long story short, I already made a candy biome (still buggy) and in the middle of the process I stumble upon your mod, I’ll pm you the prototype and what I have in mind.

Thank you for keeping up this mod alive. :smile:

editted: just gonna fix some bugs :wrench:


how do I create custom aliases in manifest.json?


You have to add the “aliases” section inside the manifest, for example:

"aliases": {
      "biome:sugarfield_plains": "file(data/biome/sugarfield_plains.json)"

Then when referencing your aliases in other files, prefix them with the name of your mod:



Sorry for kind of necroposting here, but I’m thinking of making my own candyland biome soon. It’s not really a revival of this mod, but it’s heavily inspired by this mod, so I thought I’d ask if you’re okay with me making my biome per the One Rule.


It’s totally OK to use the idea, so go ahead and bring us an awesome mod!


I plan on updating this mod in summer, but it will take a while :slightly_smiling_face:
This is more of a total conversion mod, although I keep the jobs the same, just reskinned.

As @dalabo says, it’s totally OK to make your own Candyland biome mod.