[Dev Blog] Farming and Other Mysteries




as I said on the blog, time to n3rd out and soak this all up!! :smile:

thanks for another technical post @sdee!


I’ve been slacking on ideas for my mod with what’s in the game so far, but this gives me some ideas :smile:


Cool, I really enjoyed the post. I’ve been making a new model for a mod building and I was wondering just yesterday how I could get a light effect.


Excellent excellent,
These “light efects” will go expertly with my robo mod!
once i get the time to mod again…
Mua-ha-ha! >D


The lights are so pretty.

Now all we need is fairy lights in the trees and we have ourselves a romantic retreat - tourism is gonna be in the game right?

In all seriousness it’s gonna be great when all of these systems, albeit in their formative stages, make it into the game for us to tinker and play with.


the sparkles… they make me happy… … … the s-p-a-r-k-l-e-s

having the process spelled out from A to Z certainly makes modding less intimidating (thanks again @sdee)… and the bonus credit is motivational! :smile:


Lights in trees? Sounds like my kinda thing! Maybe I’ll add it in with the rainbow trees…


Lights in trees… for some reason I envisioned a christmas tree with sparkles as the starting banner.
This is absolutely motivating to dig into lua :smile:


I can certainly see some tie-ins for the Candyland mod… :smile:


Candyland with christmas trees? Get on it, @Relyss!


Hey hey, don’t dream too much, the game crashes if I try to run the lightbushes mod, my computer can’t handle so many light sources. :cold_sweat: (even with a better implementation, I doubt my computer would succeed)
Perhaps I can try experimenting with effects on the camp standard meanwhile…


Nice dev blog. I like the clear explanation of things I was wondering about. And the progress on farming :blush:.
Was the restriction to go below 2 hours of ‘renewable respawning time’ removed? Or is that only in json files?


i know… i’m dying to toy around with that system… :smiley:


We may have a Twilight fan here…

Contain him before he multiplies! :frowning:


dear gawd, bite your tongue man!


resumes staring at the sparkles



Why do you insist on desecrating our sanctuary?


I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I can make it up:



I find myself fairly excited by this farming preview. I am not sure why, but the thought of my blocky little settlers planting blocky little plants amuses me.

Maybe it’s early to ask, but what kinds of foods will we be able to grow? I ask mainly because I have the sudden desire to make a corn maze.