[Dev Blog] How We Develop New Features!



kudos again to @chimeforest for all his efforts! :smile:

love the design doc as well… looking forward to seeing this implemented… :+1:


Wowo, it feels really awesome to be mentioned in a Desktop Tuesday :smile:
Thank you :blush:

It’ll be awesome to have colors implemented into the vanilla game, even if it replaces my mod. There are plenty of other things to mod in stonehearth! =D
(Which I may or may not have already been working on in secret :wink: )


So if I’m understanding correctly, this ghostly log

can be used to create ghostly furniture? :ghost:

I meant to bring this up when I took this screenshot, but I think it would be really neat if there could be rare/more valuable variants of common resources, i.e. black wood/stone, or ghostly wood, as in my pic


To break it down, things can now be colored based on other things. It looks like there isn’t exactly a limit to that either, so you could craft a bed out of red cloth and pine wood to get a red-dyed-pine-bed.

However, it makes it rather difficult to have multi-different-material-things, i.e. a chair which has pine legs, a birch seat and a redwood back (because in all likelihood, all three would be defined as “wood_x”).

More than anything I would like proper lua bindings for these things - being able to change models was on the modding requests list ages ago and would still be a very valuable tool for lots of situations, especially in character individualisation.

It looks like there could be a need for tools to create, view, edit those mappings too.