[WIP] Different colored furniture and decorations, and random clutter that will make towns seems more alive!

Hello again, guys!

So this is an idea that I wanted to tackle while I start modding for this game. Basically, I thought it would be awesome to change the color of furniture and decorations based on the wood, stone, and clay colors you have available to you.

In example, let’s say you’re making a simple wooden chair. You would be able to choose what the color of the wood would be, like you would be able to choose the color your walls are. Want a nice, white-ash chair? Pick that color! Going for something a bit more golden? Do it!

Now let’s say you’re making a padded stone chair… You would get to choose the color of stone (which would NOT include wood colors), and the color of fabric that the padding is (which, I think would be neat to have certain colors based on what race you’re playing as, and you only have access to additional colors of other races by creating or buying dyes).

As for fabrics and things, I think this would be a new little menu in the crafting stations, after selecting the item you want to make. Fabric would be available in the menu as a new option, similar to the wood, stone, and clay options you see when building buildings. I also would love to add some pattern options, like what we see on some of the walls.

I’ll start posting pictures and things as I get into it! I hope you all enjoy!

Woah, carefull not to bite off more than you can chew!, you’re talking about making a new UI, palette swapping scripts. and also trying not to break the game by having existing recipes work with it, it’d not only be a addition of a UI element, you’ll need two UI’s linked since we cannot edit existing UI’s only add new ones

I’m not so sure if you’re a programmer (i’m not) but that is one hell of an ambitious idea, i’d suggest seeking coding help if you’re not familiar with it, but even with that i’n m not sure if it’s even possible!

The easy way around is to have model variants for each primary color variation(this will mean only having one type of variable, like the fabrics color or the general color) by adding a new class with crafting recipes organized by color/custom organization

Still a good idea though, i’m just not sure if it’s a good bet to take

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I agree that it is a ver ambitious idea but it is actually posible to change the excisiting ui. Not completely but you can resize and add new buttons i know that for sure.
Currently i am working on colour variantion on comfy items, banners curtains and rugs. I am just planning on implanting them as normal craftable items which ofcource will increase the libarary of craftable items by a lot but for now that is the easiest way to implement them.

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Hmmm… yeah, that may be better for now. I am trying to come up with other decorations and things as well, to just be able to add to buildings to make them simply look better. I’m probably going to start with a certain building type then, like say, an inn, and just add things you can craft to put out (like a mug of something to drink, or a spilled mug, or toppled chair, plates, a wash basin… That kind of stuff). Not really things that have any use, but just look pretty and make the town more lively.

EDIT: Oh! I thought I saw it somewhere, but I can’t seem to find the darn post it was in anymore. Was there a program I could look at for opening up the .smod files so I could peek at the code, and see what I need to start learning?

to open a .smod just rename it to .zip (so stonehearth.smod to stonehearth.zip) hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Oh my goodness, that is awesome. Thank you so much!

Looking forward to see your moddels! Those are some nice ideas to make the town more alive.

Might be nice to comunicate a bit cause i am making decoration and furniture as well so that we wont end up make the same things ^¢^

Since there arent much mods for that yet it is nice for the players to have many different things to use!

Absolutely! I agree! I saw what you’ve been working on, too, so no worries! I’ll pop into the private chat with everyone and tell you my ideas :slight_smile:

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