[Dev Blog] - Slow Week, Looking Back



I love looking back at games in development. Its amazing to see how far they have gotten and it makes you look forward to the future of the game :slight_smile:


same for me love looking back at games and seeing how far they have came :smile:


I may be the partypooper but I like current development more. These voxel things are not even new, I remember seeing these voxel humans before.
If RE have no relevant news, I would love to get a dev-blog about how to make the effect, like fire effect and lamps. It is safe to make them as these effects likely will not dissapear in development. But I have no clue where to start. :blush:

I like the females hair? Is that already in-game or could we get it in-game?

Have you looked at stonehearth/data/effects/lamp_effect_ and stonehearth/data/horde/animatedlights?

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Well yes, but there is no clue in there how to make them. I dont think they make a json file, just pick some effects and put in random values for them.

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Its funny I’ve only been following this game for about a month and didn’t realize how spoiled I was until today’s (Slow Week Blog) I was drooling like a dog yesterday waiting for some crazy new stuff. Please excuse me I am a spoiled brat.

If you ask me with some modification you could use that wagon design as part of the Caravan with a horse pulling it into town for the shop keeper. :smile:

It is always good to look back to see how far you have come before pushing forward even further.

Well, it looks like random values but I think it’s the cubemitter who does the job. I don’t know how to determine the values, either. :confused:


:wink: The game’s got to have some secrets, right?

Tell you what, at night, when the firepit is lit, try jamming on fire.cubemitter.json and see what happens.

::sneaks out of the forum::