Fire Physics in Stonehearth

It was brought to my attention on the Kickstarter forum by Kevin Smith that there really hasn’t been much if any discussion about fire physics. I know fire is going to be in the game as anything from ambient lighting to natural disasters. Because making fire pretty is a rather important part of a game’s aesthetics, I thought it deserved some attention given how much of a role it will potentially play in how we play Stonehearth. I’ve seen voxel fire before and it can look fantastic and behave wonderfully and sometimes it can just plain suck. So if you guys have any thoughts, opinions, or suggestions on the subject, early alpha is a great time to hear about them. :wink:

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voxels and particle effects just seem to go well together (if done right, of course)… im hoping for torches, fire pits, etc, and we’ve seen the forge in the blacksmith’s shop… i’m glad you made this topic though, as it will be interesting to see how they incorporate fire into SH…

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Also how will fire affect your buildings will it spread from building to building if there within a set distance and can u generally be a bit evil just burn stuff like forests

I wonder if fire will be able to be used to guide or scare off enemies and monsters, so if you set fire to trees infront of a monster heading towards your city, it’ll divert it away due to fear of the fire or guide it towards a better protected part of the city?

Can there be a chain reaction in fire like if you make a campfire then you will have to turn off the fire else it will spread it self too houses if its near a house or a forrest. and you need to turn off the fire

depending on the number of things that are considered flammable, and depending on the amount of randomness we’ll see in the world of Stonehearth, this could be possible… as in, creating a campfire right next to a log cabin could have the potential to “spread” to said cabin… lots of “coulds” in there though… :wink:

as for dousing a fire, that’s something else entirely… if we will have random events with fire though, i certainly hope we’ll have the means to douse the fire as well… :smile:

I’m sure it would have something to do with Water Buckets. We’ve seen Wells in some concept images. So aside from allowing fresh drinking water for denizens of Stonehearth, People can grab buckets of water and pour it on fire.

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Cubeworld, has a great example of voxel particles done well. like the water for example.

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perfect example… and yes, its done really well… :+1:

speaking of fire physics, i hope for natural volcanoes to be able to spawn, would be funny

Torches, Firepits, fireplaces, hearths, beacons, forges, monster, flame arrows…and burning houses…

I will make sure that there are many burning houses.

The old throw your enemies off your trail, by making them think you’re insane tactic…


I find that actually being insane is a much easier plan. Less of a hassle, and then you never have to worry about sudden bouts of sanity. (plus, you never get invited to family dinners or parties. save a fortune on presents.)