Pic Suggestion : Stonehearth(Fireplace) Progress

I had a vote “Poll : Decorations” and I see what a stonehearth has many point.
The stonehearth, it used to game name so I think it is very meaningful object.
For this reason, I designed stonehearth two type.

A stonehearth need smoke vent.
It is related house shape. (smokestack)

From hence, logic is so complexify.

1-1) Planned for install stonehearth, smokestack at ‘design custome building’ stage.
1-2) Add the stonehearth at inside house.
1-3) Add a smokestack at outside house.

2-1) The stonemason makes a stonehearth, smokestack.
2-2) End build house & Install Objects.

3-1) A worker bring a wood for make a fire in a stonehearth.
3-2) People rest around stonehearth & smoke climbs.

I do a little hard thinking aboute sonehearth.
Thanks for reading~.


Looks great, I knew something was missing in the overall building looks and now I know what. I can’t wait for it to be in-game :smiley:

Then do you think that a large stonehearth would go into the middle of a room, with a chimney straight up? It would make sense. Also the pictures look very nice


Love it, @Goldmetal :smiley: .

Technically, I’m not sure how easy it would be to do: you have to program the chimney to go up through possibly multiple floors or roofs until there is nothing but empty sky above it, which might be awkward. Given that ATM Stonehearth likes to have things on the wrong level occasionally still this might be an issue.

Regardless though, it would look awesome to stick these in houses :smiley: .


technical aspects aside, I absolutely love this mockup … there’s just no avoiding sounding like a broken record here, but your artistic skills and ability to nail the Stonehearth design are … just stupendous… :blush:

thanks for all your wonderful contributions @Goldmetal!


I’ve been thinking if maybe they add an Extrusion or Stretch feature to the tools for the height axis. To me that would be the easiest solution, If they can implement this type of tool they can build into any New Object, Tower, Light, Tree… the ability for you to select the final height of the object.

So in theory, if they make a fireplace and dictate that the chimney goes up you place the object and then from that point the cursor has a snap to extrusion/stretch for the height axis so you can tell it how high the chimney or what ever else you have with an object that needs a variable height.

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As always, I love the art!