Chimneys added onto building

Its a simply thing, but I think that they should add chimneys to the game, like it would be a option to add onto the building when your designing it. At night the little people would start a fire in it while they sleep in there beds.


Maybe it would be one of the doodads that you can add on to the house. But it would be hard to craft a chimney.

No there would be a option tab on the building screen like the wall section to add on a chimney while there building the house.


thats probably a better idea than mine

Whats the idea about?

No, your idea is better

Is it similar to my idea?

Well, technically you could use slabs, but there seems to be a height limit. Also, they lack variety .

Maybe something like this could be implemented after the inclusion of the Mason class?


I think this would be a good feature for the Mason.


Maybe once we can build inside fireplaces as we place them they would automatically “grow” a chimney through existing floors and the roof. Their material should correspond to the material of the fireplace so their colours won’t differ. They could be added while the building is under construction or after it’s finished.


If they did add chimneys, then they could actually have stonehearth’s in the game!


Thank you Sandwitch, you gave the perfect reason to make chimneys a MUST for the developers to include.

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