Chimney with new slabs ^^

Had some fun with the new white slabs :wink: I’m sure some can or have already made it better than me but I didn’t see it on this forum.


Heh, pretty cool man.


I think somebody should design a smoke effect that can be emitted from a placeable chimney. Looks very nice as you have it though

Very cool, :slight_smile: what is the chimney made from?

Smoke should be added in the game anyway. Fires make smoke and maybe could attract more enemies, making you have to get, say a different wood type for less smoke.

I like it! It looks cool!

I wasn’t really paying attention - glanced at the screenshot and was like “ah cool, didn’t know we had chimneys and smoke in the game now”. So good job! :slight_smile:


it’s made of stone slabs wich can now be piled directly in the building mod.

What building mod? Mind sharing?

i believe @Snowman3815 was referring to the building UI (standard building interface/tools)…

Yeah that’s it, the new thing is that you can now pile slabs without waiting them to be built. P.S. : you’ve got to set a lot of ladders, I mean a LOT.