Placeable/craftable stairs?

Im not sure if this topic has been brought up before.
But if youve ever played Minecraft, you know about their single chunk/block stairs.
Im wondering if anyone has made a mod of this yet or is planning on it.


In the building tool, you can make stairs. However, if you mean automatically mine stairs out of the rock or ground, then nope, although it has been requested/mentioned quite a few times.

Hmm, yeah that would be interesting, having stairs as items rather than full-block-sized…

It’s important to note that, unlike in Minecraft where every block has the same volume, in Stonehearth there are three distinct categories of “solid objects” – natural/terrain blocks, constructed blocks, and items. Items are the physically placed structures like doors, ladders, trees and fences, and they’re constructed out of voxels on a smaller scale than the terrain and buildings. This means they still have pathing data (e.g. hearthlings can climb over tables), so it’s entirely possible to create more refined structures like intricate pillars or comfortable staircases, where there are, say, 4 steps in the volume of a single terrain voxel.

Not only are stairs possible, it would be equally possible to do arches, bridges and even roadway tiles as items rather than block formations (you’d still need a block road underneath the road tiles for the speed boost, but the tile itself can sit on top and make the road prettier with a sidewalk, a pattern of stones, or something like that)… basically, Stonehearth makes it a lot easier to add more detailed models which are smaller than the terrain and thus give a finer level of control over the design.

The down side, of course, is that these items have to each be added by a mod and they can’t be constructed in the same way as full blocks can. So you can’t make the stairs and arches “on the fly” like you can with terrain blocks, you have to use specific pieces like you do with the wooden fences.

There are mods which add more decorative options, but a quick look at the fence end pieces mod shows how much work is involved to keep such a mod up to date. It’s an awesome mod and works beautifully, but such mods aren’t very practical when the game is being updated this regularly.

That said, hopefully we can get more awesome decoration mods like this in the future, or even better, the dev team can find some time to add more of these items for us to build with!

It’s probably worth looking through the modding subforum already for the existing mods which do what you’re talking about, they may not be up to date anymore but you can get in contact with their authors and see if they can bring them up to date. Otherwise, you can talk to someone about creating a new mod to do what you’re looking for :jubilant:


YES!! you know exactly what i was talking about!