STAIRS. we need em'


so, i accidentally click on a place that was like a super tiny valley but the next level of ground was full of berries and trees and animals. so i rage quit and went to sleep. then i woke up yelling stairs.


STAIRS! We’ll get 'em, unfortunately we have to be vertically challenged for now.

Though for some reason I have this idea that @Miturion has been able to mod some in …


welcome aboard @ebroman! :smile:

as @Geoffers747 indicated, stairs are coming “soon”… in the meantime, some folks have used some very clever building methods to stack flooring (and crafted goods) in order to achieve “ascendency”…


Had to get rid of some annoying bug, but here it is. Changed model to better fit the vanilla game. :smile:
You can craft it at the carpenter and rotate it to get an all hillsides.

place the smod in your stonehearth/mods folder.

stairs mod link

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Stairs will come sooner or later. This has been suggested quite a few times before.


Wow, you’re fast… Nicely done!


Wow, you’re fast. :slight_smile:


So we have ladders currently. When will there be the option to carve stairs into the earth as shown in the ‘screenshot’ in the media section?


Almost certainly. I imagine we’ll be able to do a basic version when mining is made and we get to carve steps into hillsides etc.