A Query about Ascension

Hey everyone! It’s been a while last I partook in the discussion here! The alpha is going quite nicely, and I’m very, very pleased. Got to say that there’s a lot of potential, and I look forward to getting more features in, so that we can get to playing with intensity! Having said that, I have a question about moving and allocating my peasants around the map.

Namely, is there a plan to get stairs to be built, so that we can take advantage of different plateaus? I’ve been clamouring to get my guys up a few staircases, and to build a (temporary :() village on a hillside.

Overall, good job everyone! :slight_smile:

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yes sir, there will be methods for accessing different elevations… a version of the scaffolding may be the first we see, if i were to make an educated guess… :smiley:


As you can see here, (from the concept stuff from Kickstarter) there are stairs coming from the mammoth pens leading to the upper houses and farms.
(Image is too big- sorry. Here’s their kickstarter page, and the image is about halfway down, under the sign that says “More About Stonehearth”)

EDIT: Got a more direct link: http://stonehearth.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/farm.jpg

Yeah, I was more or less referring to those! Maybe when we get some more classes, that’s when they’ll start to enable the building of stairs.

I first thought this was something about ascension to godhood. But good to see you back @Delvon
(BTW, it’s Ascension not Ascention)

Well look at that, a glorious typo. That’s what I get for watching Olympic hockey, and drinking early in the morning.

Edit: Title fixed. And totally forgot, but yeah, my choice of wording was supposed to allude to both a divine ascension, and the actual ascension of the people in the game.

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Okay. I was wondering what you were thinking.

I am suggesting that Ladders, Ropes, and Steps be added in Stonehearth. This is because so our settlers can reach high places where we can’t reach, like ledges and rocks. We can use these tools so we can cut down Trees, harvest Berries, or slaughter cute little Foxes that are on a higher part of the land where we can’t reach them.

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