I made stairs. . That work.. 95% of the time

So! After the new update with the new building mechanics, I realized that you can put floors ontop of one another. So I attempted to make stairs and well, it worked. They are long and big and bulky but they are functioning and they work just fine.



What happens the other 5% of the time?

They sorta just… run into the mountain hoping for the best. Then they go do something else by that time (a few seconds) another hearthling is already on their way to collect whatever is up there.


Ah… stairs. I suppose they had to resurface at some point.

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Stairs have been doable for a while now. If you want to make them less bulky, you can use the eraser tool to remove the unnecessary blocks once you’ve laid everything out; you can also use this to make spirals and whatnot to conserve space.

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We already had stairs in alpha 1 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Miturion Okay, I’ll give you credit. You beat our builders by nine months. Still, the work they’ve done was amazing, especially for the time.
Some highlights from the Multi-Story Buildings thread, which used to be all the rage for all our talented   (including myself)   and titled   (not including myself)   builders:

That was a really nice thread, but it’s run its course. Still nice that it’s there for historical purposes though :smile:
Gotta :heart: this Discourse.


I totally agree! There are a lot of great gems collecting dust.