[Mod] Sean61616's stairs mod

My first, of hopefully many mods for Stonehearth :slight_smile: This first one is quite simple currently, staircase railings.

Download v0.1 -

I spent a good three days modeling and remodeling all the little Lego pieces and fitting them all together. The actual stairs are not currently in this mod though as they don’t work. Which brings me to my next goal, actually getting all of what I created functional, and this is what it will look like if all goes to plan.

Beyond that I have some lofty goals like adding a staircase editor to the build editor. I defiantly need to poke around some more and figure out where to even start with that. Additionally I want to eventually add other tilesets, like stone, and something for Rayya’s Children.

Hope you guys enjoy what little I’ve created so far. Here is a quick example I made in game :slight_smile:


This looks really neat!

Love the scope you’re setting out for your self and like to see what you can figure out, I personally have given up trying to make stairs work, but this gives me renewed hope!

looks great!, have you thought of listing it on PraiseDB? - http://praisedb.x10.bz

Stairs are a planned feature in the Trello board, and not so long ago we saw some progress on one of the livestreams.

In any case, this mod is pretty cool, I love the railings :smile:


Is that a ‘comfy’ staircase? lol


Hmm, didn’t know they were already working on stairs, oh well. I enjoyed making them regardless :smile:

I suppose you could call it a comfy staircase, but its just a runner rug.


Do you remember which stream it was? I haven’t kept up with them but I’d love to see what they’ve come up with.

No, I don’t remember. It was one of Tony’s, so a Wednesday one. But Twitch has probably deleted it already :disappointed_relieved:

Will you make other colors or variants for the rug, @Sean61616 ?


Don’t see why I can’t make more rug’s. I’ll make some additional ones later.


Red rugs would be perfect of the grand stairway of my dreams. Definitely keeping an eye on this mod!


Done! Just added the fur rug and gilded crimson rug’s to match. As such the gilded crimson rug is only purchasable, not craftable. I might make some original ones later, but this was a quick thing to do tonight.

This will possibly break any save games currently saved, sorry about that, but I was trying to figure some things out :stuck_out_tongue:


Pfff what ba crap, strairs, who is using stairs today :wink:

Just kidding :smiley: I like it, really nice one.

Hey great idea :slight_smile: is it compatible to the latest build?

Is this mod still working, @Sean61616 ?

I saw @micheal_handy76_mh and @Pandemic talking about stair railings on last stream, although I don’t know if anyone has tried (yet) modding ones with a rig to rotate them…


Ummmm, I haven’t done much on it since Christmas. I got Destiny and kinda got addicted. I’d love to get these working though.

I seem to recall I couldn’t get railing to be placed on top of my custom steps when doing everything manually, so I’m thinking the best way to do this is go full out and just build a tool where you draw out a staircase, and it figures out how to build it. I’m not sure though, maybe someone with more experience with the modding scene has some insight.

If people just want to use standard blocks for steps though the railings work perfectly fine if you manually build and place them though.