Steam Latest Updated to develop 3019

Moar Alpha 17 in-progress goodness!
And guess what?


  • Added stairs tool to Building Editor
  • Wrench animations and SFX for working at engineering workbench
  • Updated turnip shooter model and animations
  • Updating Cleric VFX for Single Target Heal and Healing Aura
  • Updated Engineer clamp trap model
  • Engineer’s Iron Clad Door is now lockable

Bug Fixes

  • Make sure unlock recipe encounters clean up their nodes after the notification is closed
  • Updated the slab tool blocks in the building editor art to look less like the stairs
  • Label all the two handed weapons as such in their descriptions
  • Fix campaigns not ending correctly due to incorrect node name being set on start
  • Fix City Tier statue recipes so that they are actually unlocked when the Herald arrives
  • Fix City Tier status unlock messages not being localized
  • Fix for monsters attacking critters

For Translators:


  • "job_index": "stonehearth:jobs:index", -> added


  •         "unit_hold_location": "defending location" -> added
  •            "draw_stairs_tool": "Ladders and Stairs" -> added
  •            "stairs_tip_title": "Click to place stairs",
             "stairs_tip_description": "Right click to exit. Rotate with , and . keys" -> added
  •         },
          "stairs_shape": {
             "shape_title": "Stairs Shape",
             "options_title": "Stairs Options",
             "max_height": "Free-standing Height",
             "width": "Width",
             "solid_stairs": "Solid Stairs",
             "hollow_stairs": "Hollow Stairs" -> added
  •            },
             "stairs": {
                "material": "Stairs Material",
                "wood_resource": "Wooden Stairs",
                "stone_resource": "Stone Stairs",
                "clay_resource": "Clay Stairs",
                "clay_brick_resource": "Clay Brick Stairs"
  •            },
             "unlock_craftsman_statue_recipe": {
                "bulletin_title": "Mason Recipe Unlocked: The Guildmaster's Skill"
             "unlock_roadside_shrine_recipe": {
                "bulletin_title": "Mason Recipe Unlocked: Fountain of Plenty"
             "unlock_valor_statue_recipe": {
                "bulletin_title": "Mason Recipe Unlocked: The Valor of Cid" -> added
  •                        },
                         "unlock_blue_token_recipe": {
                            "bulletin_title": "The blacksmith has unlocked the Decorative Elite Gong recipe!"
                         "unlock_purple_token_recipe": {
                            "bulletin_title": "The Blacksmith has unlocked the General's Golden Gong recipe!"
                         "unlock_red_token_recipe": {
                            "bulletin_title": "The Blacksmith has unlocked the Decorative Master Gong recipe!" -> added
  •         },
          "stairs": {
             "display_name": "Stairs",
             "description": "Go up and down" -> added
  •         "description": "Carved from the clavicle of some great beast. (Two-handed)", -> changed
  •         "description": "Heavy, it packs a wallop. (Two-handed)", -> changed
  •         "description": "Sharp. Long. Pointy. (Two-handed)", -> changed
  •         "description": "Double the hands, double the trouble. (Two-handed)", -> changed
  •         "description": "Designed by Ogo Skullbonker. (Two-handed)", -> changed
  •            "description": "Used by engineers to create gadgets" -> changed
  •            "description": "Thick, sturdy iron door. Also comes with a thick, sturdy lock.", -> changed

Really cool stuff :smiley: with the stairs

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first off, make sure you’re on the latest branch,

and then the stairs can be found up against the free standing wall,

though looking at that, wow the building editor is getting really crowded, perhaps it’s time for an overhaul of that UI?


agreed, I suggested putting steps at door so it didnt look over crowded :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice patch, but still gonna hold off on playing till the actual building get fixed. them building roofs or tops first and basically making it where hearth cant finish building builds due to fact that cant build underneath roofs, is kinda breaking the game at moment. Wow a lot of “build” words

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Hi @micheal_handy76_mh,
What specific buildings are not working for you? You’ve loaded it to the discourse thread about not buildable buildings? If so, I can take a look at it specifically.


as u can see from the example i posted, it’s an issue. ran into it a few times just used this build to show it in thread

Got it. Taking a look now. Thank you!


yuppers lol , just chasing ya down in threads. fun times

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Well that looks like where I thought it would be located… Although was imaging going up in the other direction 90 degrees. That is me though, and that looks quite nice. Good call on the slab tool, I was wondering about that, and quite agree it did look like stairs.

Don’t know how much I’ll use it, but we will see. Probably be a combination of the tool and slabs depending on how I do my “Labyrinth” of stairs. However not as confusing as that movie… Just good to see a possible tool to use. :slight_smile:

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On steam latest, my building designer has not changed. I don’t see the stairs like 8bitcrab posted. It says its 3019 in the game.

to be honest i liked the monsters like wolves and stuff attacking wild animals… i dunno it felt more… natural like they were hunting or something instead of only attacking you and doing nothing at all otherwise.

i’m very interested in the stairs option. LEts test the hell out of it :slight_smile:

oh dear, that’s not good, i can’t think of why that would happen :confounded:

perhaps try opting out of and then back into betas and see if that fixes it?

i’ve had this one before and the devs helpt me. Do you have the stonehearth.smod changed into the so you can change things?

Yep, that was it. I don’t really get how mods work yet. I had a copy of stonehearth unzipped in the mods folder. After I deleted it, the stairs icon is there. Thanks Doc!

they told me that when it updates, the game updates the stonehearth.smod file. But the game uses the unzipt version. So even though the game shows the correct version, your not playing it. Alpha 17 Updated to develop 3000
The game prefers to use the unzipped
version of stonehearth if it sees both an smod and a plain folder. If
you have the game unzipped, when steam updates it will only download the
new stonehearth.smod and leave your unzipped version alone. So the
stonehearth.smod is newer and the unzipped folder is still the old
version. Then, when the game goes to look for the stonehearth mod, it
will see that an unzipped version exists and prefer that one. Since the
unzipped version is the old version, you will not be running on the
latest version of the game.

Hopefully that makes sense. XD


Thanks. Yes I was also having the same issue of not having the stairs showing up. renamed and unzipped the old stonehearth file. Had a full stonehearlth directory in the mods folder. Deleted the stoneheartlh dir and now the stairs show up.

for those having the problem with the unzipped, i would suggest unzipping the .smod in a different location than the stonehearth mods folder (on your desktop for example) that way when the game updates you dont have to worry about the old unzipped folder interfering :slight_smile: