Steam Latest Updated to develop-3002

Alpha 17 is taking shape!
Another day, more fixes and upgrades…
Keep your play reports coming!

If you’re using an existing save with this build, please read the notes carefully (for example, you may need to demote/re-promote your Cleric).


  • Added SFX for Single Target Heals from the Cleric; changed the Cleric “channeling” a heal SFX as well
  • Engineer turrets and traps are now automatically replaced when they are used up or killed
  • Updated Engineer outfit design
  • Added new fanfare jingle for city Tier Two level up
  • Add an animation to Mountain’s windchime (existing windchimes may — or may not — work correctly)
  • Increase spawning frequency of shops
  • Updated crafting requirements for Shrine of Plenty

Bug Fixes

  • More scaffolding_region lifecycle fixes
  • Fix engineer turret and trap placement limits not being updated correctly when placing through the build editor
  • Fix a bad version upgrade to player territories which broke all hearthling and monster spawning code
  • Fix for autoloot not working on some items
  • Fix building costs not showing up if saving a template from a building that’s already finished
  • Save/load back-compatibilty fixes for scaffolding
  • Fix for workshop and level requirement text not updating when clicking from one crafter workshop to the next
  • Fix Cleric healing doors with their heal action
  • Add console command to change amenity, so players can continue goblin campaign if using an bugged/old save where the amenity stayed at neutral
  • Cleric tuning 2: cleric healing aura is now a level 1 perk. There are only two ranks for heal aura now. Clerics in existing save games will need to be demoted and repromoted
  • Put back Remove building button for buildings that haven’t been started yet. Disable remove and edit buttons when a building has started construction
  • When a combat command is issued we now cancel the previous command permanently, instead of having a temporary override of individual commands over party commands
  • If a scaffolding region cannot be started, make sure we don’t try to ​_restart_​ it when set_active is called again

For Translators:


  •            "decoration": "Decorations",  -> changed
  •            "door": "Doors",
             "window": "Windows", -> added
  •            "consumable": "Consumables", -> changed
  •            "continue_building": "Continue building", -> added
  •            },
             "doors": {
                "material": "Door Material",
                "wood_resource": "Wooden Door",
                "stone_resource": "Stone Door",
                "clay_resource": "Clay Door"
             "windows": {
                "material": "Window Material",
                "wood_resource": "Wooden Window",
                "stone_resource": "Stone Window",
                "clay_resource": "Clay Window" -> removed
  •            "message": "Once you begin building this structure cannot be edited or removed! Are you sure you want to build now?", -> changed
  •               "002": "Every 10 points increases direct healing amount by 1" -> changed
  •            "perk_000_description": "Healing aura power and radius increased" -> changed
  •            "description": "The cleric's presence heals everyone around them periodically." -> changed
  •         },
          "heal_aura_3_buff": {
             "display_name": "Heal Aura (Rank 3)",
             "description": "Heals everyone 30 units around the cleric" -> removed

and that was it for this update xD

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Some great updates; however, I do suggest that whomever makes the door becomes able to repair it. It would be really helpful.


Stonehearth-a-Tron 3002

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Now that clerics doesn’t heal fix doors, shouldn’t the engineer be able to do it somehow? :slight_smile:

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i was thinking the same thing! especially since they can fix/heal their turrets it…

I did recommend this. I think it should less be the engineer and more either the carpenter or the blacksmith.

The engineer actually does already have the ability to repair doors. I must’ve missed putting it in the release notes.

If your game has an engineer not fixing doors, let me know :slight_smile:


Does it automatically update on steam? I’ve been playing, and I can’t promote blacksmith (showing ???) So I think I’m using an older version

you must activate latest on steam to get the unstable versions ^^ Development – Stonehearth

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Oh, sorry, I actually have no doors right now, I just saw the fix for the clerics and didn’t saw the engineer, I thought it would be a nice idea :sweat_smile:

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