Steam Latest Updated to develop 3023

Alpha 17 continues to take shape.
Here’s another batch of improvements and fixes!


  • Beta feature – Combat parties now patrol together in formation
  • Added new herbalist tonic. Temporarily gives citizens a speed boost and makes them less sleepy
  • Military strength is now shown in the town overview
  • Added Ctrl+z as a hotkey for Undo in the Building Editor
  • Erase tool has been moved to under the Undo tool in Building Editor
  • Added ability to erase stairs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed goblin campaign restarting after already being completed
  • Fixed visual issues with the Turnip Shooter
  • Changed collision regions for dressers to better match their shape
  • Deleting custom building templates now also deletes their thumbnails

For Translators:

No Changes :smiley:

Edit: My Issue! Steam hasnt update the game because of Maintance ^^ soooo new try xD


  •            "erase":"Erase Tool", -> added
  •            "undo": "Undo (Ctrl + Z)", -> changed
  •            "draw_stairs_tool": "Stairs" -> changed
  •            "military_strength": "Military Strength" -> added
  •         },
          "military_strength": {
             "display_name": "Military Strength",
             "description": "A value that reflects how strong your town is militarily. Combat units and equipped weapons and armor contribute to this score." -> added
  •      "energy_tonic": {
          "energy_tonic_buff": {
             "display_name": "Energy Tonic",
             "description": "Energy increased for a short while."
       }, -> added
  •      },
       "energy_tonic": {
          "display_name": "Energy Tonic",
          "description": "Temporarily buffs energy" -> 

now its correct and makes more sense xD


Nice making the herbalist more useful for endgame :slight_smile:
Ctrl+z will be love:D


I could have used that stair deleting feature 4 hours ago :smile:

As I somehow made the building editor stop working by messing too much with the stairs, no traces of how it happened though :confused:

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Let’s call it coffee. Anyone with me?


i’ll agree with almost anything about coffee, so i’m in! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice. Well played sir.


Curious if erasing walls will be a feature for the next update? Hate building walls, just to not be able to remove them with the undo tool.

Coffee it is than!

That’ll be kinda funny…


Let’s call it coffee. Anyone with me?

I think I detect a new crop coming!

Maybe it grows faster or yields more when planted within 4 blocks of a tree trunk (so it’s in the shade)? smirk

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Coffee please! :slight_smile: Speed buffs would be great.

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Time to celebrate the day coffee was born with a giant cup of coffee!!! :coffee:

Celebrate Coffee Day by building a giant cup of coffee in your town! Here’s the template:
giant cup of (11.3 KB)


@sdee @linda Should raiding parties (orcs, kobolds, etc) also patrol in formation? I ask because I saw it happen and wasn’t sure if it’d be considered a bug or not.


they should add scaffolding removing tool for next update in case the scaffolding problem appear

Yup, raiding parties are also allowed to patrol in formation.