Steam Latest Updated to develop-2940

We’ve cranked out a number of updates, tweaks, and fixes to the upcoming Alpha 16 release. As this release contains a pretty hefty update to combat mechanics, we’re taking a bit longer to polish than usual. So please keep your feedback coming! We’re particularly interested in your take on how well (or not?) combat is working now.

Here’s what you’ll find in this latest build:

  • Disembiggened items
  • Fixed flashing ui
  • Fixed disappearing ui
  • Some more pathing improvements (hearthlings won’t zig zag around as much)
  • Better cleanup when releasing objects in memory
  • Now you can spawn an effect on an entity from the console
  • Added effect on cleric AOE healing buff to visualize distance
  • Tweak cleric XP
  • AI fixes so Clerics don’t keep trying to heal perfectly healthy people
  • Save/load fixes for health percentages
  • Fixes some health inconsistencies b/w hearthlings and mobs
  • Health is now tracked an an expendable resource
  • AOE healing should not happen on nonvalid entities
  • Better cleanup of notification views
  • Added trophy stockpile filter
  • Remove NPC knight and combat basic buffs, moved numbers to monster tuning files to increase transparency in designing NPCS
  • Added archer SFX
  • Remove orphaned building structures for better memory cleanup
  • Make sure grow walls doesn’t happen more than once for a given location
  • Tweaks to bone axes
  • Hard mode monsters first arrive on a more random schedule
  • New hard mode images on story screen
  • Fix spaces and spelling in select game story

Most important part riiiiiight here.


You’re welcome :wink: Game needs to look pro from the get go. (Also there may be an extra space before “The Desert of Pal’Mum”) cough

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Anyone else finding that you can’t attack enemy buildings now?

I thought archers already couldn’t. Unless you mean footmen/knights/clerics now, in which case we have a problem.

Looks like just existing enemy buildings are bugged for me. Any new spawns are successfully attacked and destroyed.

@Geiseku do you mean that existing enemy buildings can’t be destroyed when attacked? Or are your footmen etc whaling on enemy buildings and are stuck in a combat loop (i.e. can’t stop attacking but building isn’t destroyed).

If I place an ‘Attack Target’ flag near a crypt my footmen/knights/etc. move toward it, attack (and kill) the skeletons/zombies, but then ignore all the structures (crypt/fences/etc.).
If I place the ‘Attack Target’ flag directly on the crypt they will wail on it but never destroy it. I can cancel the order or tell them to go somewhere else and they happily leave the crypt alone.

Yeah, ok. We’ve made some recent accounting changes regarding health (it’s not just beings that have health, you know!). That means that in some saves that have enemy structures in them, those structures may not be accounting for their health properly. The way to fix this is to use the “destroy” command from the console.


For Translators:


  •         "gfx_max_shadows": "Maximum Number of Shadows", -> added
  •            "auto_loot": "Auto Loot",
             "auto_loot_description": "When an enemy drops loot, automatically mark it for pick up." -> added
  •               "post_selection_text": "a daunting place to start anew." -> changed
  •            "unlock_windchimes" : {
                "bulletin_title" : "The Carpenter has unlocked the Windchime recipe!"
             }, -> added
  •                           "000": "Upon this paper, you shall find the lullabye to sooth the Mountain's soul. Find a stolen flute. Bid your wood-worker pitch it to this melody. Place it in Ogo's great ogre's path, and watch self-importance meet it's just reward."
       }, -> changed
  •      },
       "mountains_windchime": {
          "mountains_windchime_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Mountain's Windchime",
             "description": "Soothing happy notes"
          } -> added
  •         },
          "mountains_windchime_recipe": {
             "description": "Place to deter Mountain, Ogo's trained ogre",
             "recipe_name": "Mountain's Windchime",
             "flavor": "The melody evokes the stolen ogre's long-ago lullabye" -> added
  •      },
       "npc_knight": {
          "npc_knight_buffs": {
             "npc_health_def_1_buff": {
                "display_name": "Tank",
                "description": "Increased health and courage. Armor defense improved by 20%"
          } -> removed

Thanks. Have you checked population and Raya files as well?

jup ^^ rayya no changes and population only one little change from goblin to ogre ^^ so no real change at the moment (or better no change with effect at the moment)

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