Steam Latest Updated to develop-2960

Moar bug fixes! Keep that feedback coming.

Here’s what you’ll find in this release:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error when looking for combat targets
  • Fix very difficult raids arriving ahead of schedule in hard mode
  • Fix raids eventually no longer occuring in hard mode
  • Fix a case of rapid target switching if a defense banner is used
  • More encounter tuning

Wow! :astonished: Radiant is lively this month.

Sadly, it didn’t fix stuff for me. My archers still walk away from combat for no reaoson :confused:

hi @Reedo,
Does the archers not attacking persist through save load? If so, please upload the save and I will take s look.


For Translators:


  •            "description": "Move to and stay at a location, defending it from enemies." -> changed
  •            "description": "The gold value of all non-Resource and non-Edible items in the town inventory." -> changed
  •           "description": "The value of all the buildings constructed your town. Large buildings will have slightly higher score contributions than small ones." -> changed
                                     "bulletin_title": "Mountain looks around in horror", -> changed
  •                                    "bulletin_title": "Mountain beats his enormous chest", -> changed
  •                                    "bulletin_title": "Ogo looks indignant", -> changed
  •                                    "bulletin_title": "Ogo raises his fist in triumph", -> changed
  •                                    "bulletin_title": "Mountain lifts his head to listen", -> changed
  •                                    "bulletin_title": "Ogo stomps his foot in frustration", -> changed
  •            "description": "In Hard Mode, enemies have more armor and health and will inflict more damage" -> changed
  •            "description": "Currently using spiky arrows, which slows enemy movement speed. Click to swap between arrow types." -> changed
  •             "description": "Movement speed slowed by Spikey Arrows" -> changed


  •   }, 
    "boss_sheep" : {
       "male" : {
          "uri" : ["stonehearth:sheep"],
          "given_names" : ["Bluebell"], 
          "surnames" : ["the Sheep"]
       } -> added

+ new orc_population.json - this must also now changed and added to the translations :wink:


The combat is really starting to pick up in terms of challenge and depth as you get the balance nailed down more precisely, good work.

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