Steam Latest Updated to develop-2955

The team is now in the thick of the last part of any Alpha release — bug fixing and tuning the new content. Thanks to everyone who’s been providing feedback; keep it coming! We need as much input from you as possible to stabilize the Alpha and get it out to all Stonehearth players soon.

Here’s what’s new in this build:

Bug Fixes! Combat Tuning!

  • Fixed units not participating in party commands when the party formation is blocked by obstacles
  • Fixed units not engaging at a defense banner until attacked
  • Fixed ai errors in ranged combat
  • Fixed errors when demoting a crafter
  • More combat and encounter tuning
  • Tune net worth (buildings are now worth more, non-food items worth less)
  • Fixed citizen count staying at 1 after all hearthlings have died
  • Fixed new game settlement banner being able to be placed on trees and rocks
  • Fixed goblin campaign getting stuck after not finding a suitable spawn location for Ogo army raid

Still getting the bug where soldiers wander away from combat and not engaging, but it seems less common at defense banners (still happens when using Move and Attack commands, or after an Attack target has died and there is no active command).

I get the same issue, actually started to get it after the patch…

WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH … and im still working on the last update … you are to fast :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do these changes require a new save to take effect?

Also still getting the building placement errors.

Also still getting the building placement errors.

There was no mention of that being fixed in 2955 (this update)