Steam Latest Updated to develop 3188

Alpha 19 is getting realllly close to done. A few last updates and fixes!
The stable release is just around the corner….

##Here’s what’s new in this release:


  • Updated Rayya’s Children Tier 2 monument VFX
  • Building eraser tool now works under water
  • Mining regions now intersect terrain so they don’t encompass empty space
  • Prevent goblin shakedown from demanding more than 10 of a certain item. This prevents cases of the chieftain demanding 69 tonics
  • Improve performance of wandering stone golems in the world. They were thinking too hard when trying to find their next wander location.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix lamp light effects not restarting correctly if the lamp is moved while lit
  • Fix for shepherd’s causing AI spin error messages
  • Fix loading screen background stretching for large resolution monitors
  • Fix collision shapes for Gongs
  • Fix walk in formation error when party leader no longer has a party component
  • Fix for hearthlings stuck in place in tall windows because of stacking movement speed modifiers
  • Fix for a case where erasing a merged road will leave behind cut out terrain

Whoever wrote those changelog notes did a great job. :clap: :thumbsup:


is there any news on when the issues with water will be fixed? I wanna be able to create nice rivers and do allot of terrain shaping. But currently you get a hydro error or the water just disappears in to a small layer and stops flowing.

Great more improvement glad underwater got fixed :smiley:
Now i wonder if Defend Location will be fixed until the Alpha 19 Release.

Pretty much never works for me in the way you expect it to

Why is there a cake next to my name on Discourse by the way ? ^^.

looks funny Banto :slight_smile:

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Wonder if it’s some kind of birthday for me on Discourse :smiley:


it is indeed! happy 1st discourse anniversary @Banto :smile: :tada: