Steam Latest Branch Updated to develop 2807

We’ve updated Stonehearth Alpha 14 on our Steam latest (unstable) branch.
Thanks to everyone who identified bugs and hiccups. Please keep those reports coming.

Here’s what you’ll find in this release:

  • Performance optimizations for towns with lots of placed items
  • Performance optimizations for compound actions
  • Remove stone bricks from crypt drops
  • Tweaks to crypt loot
  • Tweaks to armor stats
  • Party banners now reflect the party that they belong to, and toasts show the command
  • Parties in the UI are disabled until you have a footman
  • Normalized lots and lots of net worth/prices
  • Fixed a lot of UI slowness due to information oversharing from server
  • Sound effects for new monsters
  • Performances improvements in crafters
  • Fixed error where json was not serializing tiny ints correctly
  • Sell items at their net worth, buy with a multiplier based on the store
  • Added resale value to safety banners
  • Goblin stockpiles now start with wood
  • Various fixes to make hair work with palettes
  • Combat music should only start when combat is joined
  • Various combat-related tuning fixes
  • Engine errors are now remoted properly to UI
  • Prevent combat tools from stacking on top of each other
  • Fixed bug with combat actions not correctly unsetting sitting/carrying postures
  • Stone golems now drop things
  • Goblins are now neutral to everyone during goblin chief camp encounter
  • Scale up giant zombie raid weapon
  • Various memory leak fixes
  • Added courage tonic
  • All tonics can now be placed/moved about in the world so you can put them in crates and get them back out
  • Optimizations to the task group/AI model
  • Hearthling Therapist selections persist over save/load
  • Performances improvements in specific item
  • Change job name correctly in unit frame when job changes
  • Show button to delete incompatible saves
  • Health indicator should now appear above giant zombie
  • Fix issue where people don’t play idle animations

For Translators:

  •               },
                "party": {
                   "required_job_text": "Requires a footman" -> added
  •                  "title": "An enemy!" -> changed
  •            "description": "Increased courage and muscle!" -> changed
  •      },
       "courage_tonic": {
          "courage_tonic_buff": {
             "display_name": "Courage Tonic",
             "description": "Courage increased for a short while."
       "minor_courage_buff": {
          "minor_courage_buff_buff": {
             "display_name": "Minor Courage",
             "description": "Small boost of courage while in alert mode"
          } -> added
  •      },
       "party_command_marker": {
          "party_command_marker_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Party Command Marker",
             "description": "Party come here!"
          } -> added
  •         "description": "Temporarily buffs Stamina" -> changed
  •         "description": "Temporarily buffs Muscle" -> changed
  •      },
       "courage_tonic": {
          "display_name": "Courage Tonic",
          "description": "Temporarily buffs Courage" -> changed
  •         },
          "courage_tonic_recipe": {
             "description": "Increases the courage of all town citizens for a short while.",
             "recipe_name": "Courage Tonic" -> changed

@sdee, I can see the reason for this if I’ve read the forum reports right that the undead were killing the goblin chief…but making these special exceptions seems detrimental to some cool emergent gameplay. Imagine both a goblin siege and an undead siege happening at the same time and you have a huge free for all with everyone attacking everyone.

Of course, I’ll leave it to the experts. Maybe the Goblins just came to a temporary truce with the other factions or something. :slightly_smiling:


Im totally agree with you xD

The problem was that they would ruin your campaign. I for example was trying a game where I would be peaceful to them (just for a change), and I was doing fine, except that the undeads killed the chief and made the campaign jump to the wolf revenge attacks.


I think that’s awesome that they ruined your attempt at peace. :slight_smile: In fact, in a truly emergent world, that event would make the goblins and the undead more hostile towards each other and no more hostile towards you (since you didn’t do anything wrong). You can stand to the side and watch them duke it out and reap the rewards.

As long as the undead don’t end the goblin campaign 100% of the time that way, I think it’s great. We can have thousands of emergent scenarios pop up and create some really cool gameplay stories.

Edit: In fact, once campaigns are less linear, this can get even more fun. You won’t necessarily get the goblin king campaign when the undead are around. You might get it when only goblins are present and have to deal with them yourself…or maybe you’ll get it at the same time you ally with the bunny race who will then fight alongside you, or maybe if you settled in a “goblin forest” the goblins will get a 20% damage boost, and knowing that they are that much stronger they are more aggressive, or maybe you’ll get it just before you trigger another campaign and now you have to deal with two things at once, or maybe their camp appears directly above an underground mine or aquifer or something and it gets destroyed by nature. The goblin campaign could play out so many different ways.


@yshan microworld needs a little update to v2 and the berry_bush to plant:berry_bush :wink: v2 goes also for the debugtools :wink:


This I would like. As currently happening though, any enemy that attacks the goblins and kills the chief causes any remaining goblins (or the wolves) to turn and attack the Hearthlings which doesn’t make sense. They should be running off to attack more of the undead or whoever attacked them first as their now higher priority enemy faction.

If you pay tribute, that should put you at the bottom of the goblin’s aggressive list. If you then refuse to continue paying it for their ‘protection’ then sure, all deals are off now.

I liked the change of pace in deciding to pay tribute and see how long I could keep a gang of goblins out there to soak up some of the aggro from other monsters - but not at the cost of the goblins now coming to attack my camp just because a big golem decided to smash their chief. :frowning: