Steam Latest Updated to develop-2924

Another day, another unstable release! (But don’t expect one every day….) We’re hard at work polishing and tweaking Alpha 16. Thanks for all the bug reports and feedback — keep them coming!

Here’s what’s new in this release:

  • Food now appears only in one stockpile filter
  • Clean up some unused buffs
  • Compassion buff is percent based
  • Add new icons for Cleric, Knight, Archer, and Footman buffs and perks
  • Clerics now get XP when healing allies
  • XP distribution fixes: xp goes to combat units around an enemy, around the attacker, and anyone who was targeting the enemy
  • Fix for health hearts not showing up properly on load
  • Hard mode monsters now appear in 24 hours, not 48, fixes so this can be tuned going forward
  • Tuning HP on doors
  • Adjustments to net worth and recipes related to doors
  • Only enemies that can target siege objects (doors) will try to target siege objects
  • Fix for thread being counted as cloth
  • Acceptable job icons no longer float over overlaying screens
  • Fix for mining adjacent bugs
  • Tuning net worth on various items
  • Fix for game master service starting twice accidentally

Fantastic. Just in time for me to do some recording tonight :slight_smile:

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