Steam Latest Updated to release 566

Here’s what’s new in this release!

Increase number of users for turnip shooter
Traps apply slowing debuffs upon damaging an enemy
Increase amount of turrets placeable by an engineer
Increase trap and turret damage
Added SFX for Small_Turret and adjusted sounds for Turnip_Shooter
Increase generator delay for orc campaign camp raids
Give Bluebell a unique outfit. Bluebell will now only be tameable after the Goblin Chieftain is killed
Make poyo and sheep run slightly faster
Nerf blacksmith requirement to become an engineer (level 1)
Reduced critter trap recipe ingredient requirements
Allow players to set a config to always have gridlines on
Updated fountain iconics
Updated various engineer assets - adding spec to several, added base to engineer turret, added iconics
Better implementation of finding another block to teardown. Teardown will now be faster and hearthlings will drop resources at their feet instead of putting it back into storage while tearing down
Make repairing doors loop until the entity is fully repaired
Show number of items placed on item’s (iconic and root) unit frame if the item has placement limitations
For modders: Added way to specify default list of observers on observers component instead of needing to make an empty AI pack
Herbalists also get a diligence buff so they don’t need much sleep while tending to people’s wounds
Decrease materials needed for Tier 2 city fountains
Warn the player if they have both an smod and a flat folder for the same mod
Nerf cleric healing exp, but allow all combat units to get a small amount of exp for patrolling
Make starvinghearthlings always eat food while sitting on the ground. Prevents hearthlings dying because they’re trying to grab a chair
Hearthlings will now prefer to sleep in an unowned bed over a bed already owned by another hearthling. This discoursages hearthlings without their own beds sleeping in other’s beds
Have engineer refill/fix traps and turrets instead of having the weapons destroy themselves when they run out of uses
Farmer crops now have level restrictions
Added Rayya’s Children watermelon crop
Add names for building brushes patterns so they mention the names of the voxel colors that are used in said patterns
Make pets despawn after a day if you decided to release them
Separate ladder building into common task category versus building category. This way we don’t have hearthlings that have build unchecked constantly trying to help build scaffolding
Updating engineer class icon to match new wrench
Make hard mode encounters generate slightly slower
Add some gold trim to the female upgraded worker outfit so that the portrait for the worker will look different from the normal outfit
Throw rugs are now in the decoration category
Added plants and trophies categories to the Decorations tab in building editor

Bug Fixes
Fixed scaffolding not tearing down after save load
Fixed traps turning towards monsters when attacking
Pause the game while auto saving because there can be problems if the game is simulating while saving
Fix bug where herald comes back multiple times if you save/load the game in the middle of the quest
Fix one bug causing hearthling never becoming hungry
Make shepherds only go out and get one animal at a time for new pastures. Prevents shepherds constantly moving slowly because they have a large herd of animals following them
Fix bug in player territory where buildings being designed would not mark territory after performing a save/load
Fix bug where clerics were trying to walk off to patrol in the middle of combat
Make level 0 knights have a single target taunt ability that keeps them high on the aggro table. Fix not having aggro override passed into battery context for single target attacks
Fix bug where defense zones blocked zoning of farms and pastures
Fix up new game menus to always display centered for large display monitors
Performance tweaks for combat
Reduce memory footprint of roads
Fix for tombstone hover tooltips showing up with bad loc strings in the town inventory UI


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For Translators:


  • #itemLimitPane {
    position: absolute;
    top: -25px;
    left: 10px;
  •  #limitInfo {
       white-space: nowrap;
       float: left;
  •  .capitalize {
       text-transform: capitalize;

-> added


  •         "placed": "placed" -> added
  •         },
          "mod_conflic_dialog": {
             "title": "Module Conflicts Detected!",
             "message": "Warning: Your mods directory contains both a .smod and a flat folder of some mods. The flat folder mod will be used by the game. This mod will become out of date when the .smod is updated and cause bugs. The affected mods are: <br><br>",
             "accept": "Yes, proceed." -> added
  •               },
                "sheep": {
                   "display_name": "Bluebell the Sheep",
                   "description": "The Chieftain's prized companion" -> added
  •               },
                "trigger": {
                   "raidcamp": {
                      "encounters": {
                         "create_camp": {
                            "loot_chest": {
                               "sheep": {
                                  "display_name": "Bluebell the Sheep"
                   } -> removed
  •      },
       "slowed": {
          "snap_trap": {
             "display_name": "Snap Trap",
             "description": "Movement slowed after taking damage from trap"
          "snap_trap_2": {
             "display_name": "Clamp Trap",
             "description": "Movement greatly slowed after taking damage from a large trap"
          } -> added
  •         },
          "patterns": {
             "gold_clay_wall": "A Pattern of Pavlova, Raffia, Winter Hazel, and Ecru",
             "wooden_wall": "A Pattern of Punga, and Tobacco Brown",
             "red_clay_slat_roof": "A roof made of Korma colored clay and Cocoa Brown wood",
             "cobblestone": "A Pattern of Hillary, Granite Green, and Pale Oyster",
             "thatch_peaked_roof": "A roof made of Pesto, Lemon Ginger, Yukon Gold, and Antique Brass colored wood",
             "red_slate_peaked_roof": "A roof made of Light Volcano, Volcano, and Rustic Red colored stone",
             "gray_clay_wall": "A Pattern of Light Mountain Mist, Mountain Mist, Dark Mountain Mist, and Cloudy",
             "golden_clay_slat_roof": "A roof made of Raffia colored clay and Cocoa Brown wood",
             "castle_roof": "A roof made of Tuna, Shuttle Grey, and Mid Grey colored stone",
             "plastered_wall": "A Pattern of Napa, and Ash",
             "blue_slate_peaked_roof": "A roof made of Bahama Blue, Regal Blue, and Dark Regal Blue colored stone",
             "brick_tiled": "A Pattern of Congo Brown, Dark Congo Brown, and Cork",
             "wooden_peaked_roof": "A roof made of Cioccolato, Bistre, and Morocco Brown colored wood",
             "cobblestone_wall": "A Pattern of Tuna, and Trout",
             "slate_blue_checkered": "A Pattern of Shuttle Grey, and Mid Grey",
             "clay_slat_roof": "A roof made of Light Ash colored clay and Cocoa Brown wood",
             "wood_dark_diagonal": "A Pattern of Muesli and Sandal",
             "red_clay_wall": "A Pattern of Baker's Chocolate, and New Amber" -> added
  •                  "013": "A whole day without a single existential threat! Amazing!" -> changed
  •      "wooden_door_4x4": {
          "wooden_door_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Wooden Door",
             "description": "Privacy at last!"
          "wooden_tunnel_door_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Wooden Tunnel Door",
             "description": "Useful for blocking off tunnels"
          } -> changed/removed 
  •      "watermelon_crop": {
          "display_name": "Watermelon",
          "description": "Takes a while to grow, but very fun to eat!",
          "growth_stage": {
             "003": {
                "name": "Ripe watermelon",
                "description": "Delicious!"
             "002": {
                "name": "Baby watermelon",
                "description": "Not edible yet!"
             "001": {
                "name": "Watermelon Sprout",
                "description": "Not edible yet!"
             "000": {
                "name": "Watermelon Seedling",
                "description": "A unrealized watermelon."
             "011": {
                "name": "Rotten watermelon",
                "description": "Moldy and disgusting."
       }, -> added
  •      "watermelon": {
          "watermelon_basket": {
             "display_name": "Watermelon Basket",
             "description": "Ready for eating"
          "watermelon_serving": {
             "display_name": "Watermelon Slice",
             "description": "Plus you can spit out the seeds!"
       }, -> added
  •      "donation_box": {
          "donation_box": {
             "display_name": "Food Donation Box", -> changed
  •         },
          "tombstone": {
             "display_name": "Tombstone",
             "description": "A memorial for the fallen" -> added
  •      },
       "bolt": {
          "display_name": "Bolt",
          "description": "Bolt" -> added
  •      },
       "repair_pack": {
          "display_name": "Repair Pack",
          "description": "Used to refill turret ammo and fix traps" -> added
  •         "requirements": "A level 1 Blacksmith and a wrench, crafted by the Blacksmith.", - > changed
  •            "perk_000_description": "This engineer can place up to twelve traps and eight turrets" -> changed
  •            "perk_001_description": "This engineer can place up to four traps and two turrets" -> changed
  •            "perk_000_description": "This engineer can place up to eight traps and four turrets" -> changed
  •         "gadget_parts_name": "Gears and Parts", -> changed
  •            "description": "After placed, shoots at enemies from a distance. Must be repaired after 20 uses.", -> changed
  •            "description": "Shoots turnips at enemies from a small distance. Must be repaired after 15 uses.", -> changed
  •         },
          "repair_pack_recipe": {
             "description": "Used to refill turret ammo and repair traps",
             "recipe_name": "Repair Pack" -> added
  •            "perk_000_name": "Natural Regeneration",
             "perk_000_description": "The herbalist channels the spirits of the forest and gains natural regeneration. Willpower and Diligence increased." -> changed
  •            "display_name": "Natural Regeneration",
             "description": "The herbalist has improved health regeneration and diligence" -> changed

Just a little feedback here, had to start over due to most of the mods being tanked right now so I started a sandbox mode to try some buildings. From what I could tell they seemed to be build from the ground up again instead of trying to put the roof up with no walls. Scaffolding however seems to still not come down all the way. I almost had my hopes up, they took down quite a bit of it then stopped. This seems to happen more on multi story buildings. They tear down the tall stuff, get to the bottom level of scaffolding then quit. Gonna try again later, build multiple buildings and see if I can spot anything. On another note the auto-que for the building materials is finally working for me so hooray on that much. All in all, baby steps team Radiant and enjoy your weekend.

Things to take into account on this update:

  • About the engineer:

  • About modding: