Steam Latest Updated to release 572

Some new goodness delivered to our almost-Alpha 17 release branch, including some cool building and scaffolding improvements.

IMPORTANT: Have a structure that isn’t building properly or won’t build at all? Try this release — but be aware that the new building/scaffolding upgrades will not work on buildings-in-progress. So please start buildings with a clean slate (placing a saved template is fine). We really want to know how these fixes work for you… so post your results in Discourse.


  • New ahead-of-time scaffolding system: Hearthlings now think hard about scaffolding before they start building, resulting in fewer unbuildable structures. Will not work for buildings that are already in-progress.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for combat UI not unlocking party when footman is promoted
  • Fix for combat units not patrolling
  • Fix for error when tearing down scaffolding: ‘invalid reference in native destination::get_reserved’
  • Fix to farm level requirement not showing when first creating a farm
  • Fix for too many monster spawns on hard mode due to generator timer calculation errors
  • Fix for ai spin when trying to sleep after a bed’s owner has changed
  • Repairing turrets and traps no longer requires a repair pack
  • Fix engineers repairing traps and turrets that are targeting an enemy/in combat

Paging all our discourse builders! :wink: Please hammer on this one. It’s for you. :slight_smile:


I thought it would be no update this week_(:зゝ∠)_, thank you guys.

Was awaiting this one… Will have to delete a lot of scaffolding from the sounds of it; that is from my old buildings with scaffolding left on it. That’s ok, but rest assured I be trying from scratch any new buildings. :smiley:
I’ll see what I can do. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If i am not mistaken, the scaffolding is much better… cleaner, without overlaps and mish-mash. If I am not mistaken this will also reduce the amount of wood that is drawn to create the scaffolds…

I like it!

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They did great with one of my new buildings that had some shapes :slight_smile:
Will try many more soon

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Does it include the changes to the building template system that was done a couple of dev streams ago?

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Still leaving scaffolding, plain single story buildings seem to not have that much of an issue, once I built a two story building they left most of the scaffolding up. latest release, with a brand new game

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For Translators:


  •            "compute_scaffolding": "Building Planning" -> added
  •      },
       "repair_pack": {
          "display_name": "Repair Pack",
          "description": "Used to refill turret ammo and fix traps" -> removed
  •         },
          "repair_pack_recipe": {
             "description": "Used to refill turret ammo and repair traps",
             "recipe_name": "Repair Pack" -> removed

oh no :frowning:
Can you upload either screenshot & building template or a save game where this is happening?

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It’s some of the buildings that was posted in that 100 building pack awhile back. I’ll try to upload something tomorrow

I remember one was the Mason’s house in that set

Ah I see what is happening. The stone chests and the mason’s pedastal are put down before the scaffolding has a chance to finish being torn down. When I moved the stone chests and the pedastal out of the way, the hearthlings were able to tear down the scaffolding
Thanks for the heads up


I’ll try to upload something. Mine was a fresh game and I didn’t have anything places and they wouldn’t tear it down

Let me just state; i will as soon as i get a chance to try this update, was busy today and will be tomorrow for work. been and still working at the job site to make sure the frame of the house I’m building is on point. and Trusses go up tomorrow for the Roof . I need to be there to make sure my measurement on Blueprinting was correct and all Trusses are accounted for. and for fact to show where to brace off to for roof to set on baring walls :stuck_out_tongue:

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does this update fix the problem where some times the hearthling dont destroy the scaffolding after the building is finish? sorry if the question is confusing

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Well, even if was only 1 building so far; I am liking the changes. Now it reminds me of what I did like of A15. What I mean is now looks more readable in how they are building. Very organic looking… I think is the way to put it. First house to actually have all scaffolding done, for the exception of ladders on one of the roofs, but was reachable with a single of my own ladders.

I don’t mind helping my lil’ lovable hearthlings out here and there, especially when they put them in reachable places that make sense. :smiley:

It is even more entertaining to watch them build now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, this fix is supposed to help with the scaffolding not coming down after the building is complete. However, it only works on buildings that are started AFTER the update. In progress buildings will still build according to the old code.


Also, thanks to everyone who has tried it out! Please keep those tests coming :wink:


Soonest I can test will be during/after tonight’s stream. But, most of my problems lately have been specific to the building’s close proximity to obstructions like terrain walls and other existing buildings.

That said, maybe I’ll try my stone watchtower again. That thing was scaffolding hell.

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