New Builder now available on the Steam Unstable Branch

Also a bunch of other fixes. Find the details here:


ooohhh you smexy people you!

:slight_smile: -But i have not noticed updates through steam?

You have to opt in. There’s threads elswhere on the forums telling you how.

thats my point… i have latest and rickety as opt in :stuck_out_tongue: im not that much nub :wink: but as i say… unless it was under the hood which i doubt… i did not get update notification (although i can still use rickety on latest) was just cofused, although yes… it has updated - it just did not say Stonehearth has updated via Steam

Hehe sorry!

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Not an issue, i notice i did not explain fully, so its not your fault… i won’t kill you this time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Could we get so that if you gonna place a ladder that your houses that are planned to build wont show their entire building?
Kinda hard to put ladder sometimes to stuck hearthlings