ADV Builder and MP?

sorry… maybe i missed the info (i dont come here often)

But i hear there is Advanced Builder Mode available (away from steam)??? If this is correct, how do i try before Unstable branch?

As for MP i will read the DT thread on that (just wondering if i can do MP on non static IP? (Sky does not do static unles pay 12k lol) and because of this i cannot direct to any port… althought i can play WoW and anything else, i just can’t LAN etc)


Go read this thread for info about the builder branch:

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thank you, i only just noticed something similar (who’d have thought it was also in the betas tab :stuck_out_tongue: - i thought they were meaning not yet in unstable to mean not yet through steam thank you :slight_smile:
I would like to leave this thread open for a while,

just becuase of the MP porting and etc question -

thanks again :slight_smile:

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