IT'S HAPPENING: Multiplayer available on another super-unstable Steam branch!

Hey everyone!

We’ve been telling you about multiplayer for a while now, and we think it’s time we actually let you give it a whirl yourselves! Before you continue, please make sure you’ve watched or read the Desktop Tuesday on Multiplayer! It explains in detail how to host, join, and manage multiplayer games, and what to look out for. But here’s a brief summary.

Quick start:

  • Get the build: Get on the new super-unstable branch on Steam using the password determination.
  • Start a game: In the main menu, you will have a new Multiplayer button, that allows you to start a new multiplayer game.
    • Alternatively, you can convert an existing single player game to multiplayer from the in-game multiplayer menu.
  • Invite your friends: Once you have embarked, you can invite your Steam friends by going into the multiplayer menu (look for a shady-looking fellow by the notifications button) and clicking Invite, or using the Steam Friends menu.
    • Once they accept your invite, Steam will launch Stonehearth for them, and guide them through embarking in your world.

Known issues:

  • Performance: With great players comes great responsibility numbers of Hearthlings. We’re in the early stages of a performance pass on the game, but for now you’ll still see some issues in multiplayer games with lots of players or with larger towns.
  • Building: We’re only starting to properly integrate the new Building system with Multiplayer, so you may see some issues with building ownership. Most of them can be avoided for now by ensuring you and your friends are working on separate buildings - when you open the builder, deliberately click the “Start New Building” button.
  • Templates: Currently saving templates may not work for players other than the host.
  • Instability: Expect various bugs, crashes, slowdowns, limitations, and all sorts of other weirdness. Save early, save often, and smash that Reply button to report any and all issues on this thread!

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(and totally not two other people pretending to be Angelo)

Here’s a Determined Poyo so you don’t forget the password:


Excellent!! I can’t wait to crash… err play it. :grin:


Nothing could go wrong :rofl:




So, some initial thoughts after three of us goofed around in the MP.

  • Game Speed Control
    We noticed that anyone could pause, normal, and fast. There should probably only be one person with that kind of control and that person should probably be the host.
  • Character Spawning
    We had some issues with our new members showing up in odd places, and some in other player’s areas. I think it would be a good idea for the player to create a spawn zone for new hearthlings to spawn at when they arrive.

We only goofed around for about an hour or so, but those were two of the main things that should probably be addressed to make MP an improved experience for others.


I’ve deleted all my previous Steam friends a long time ago and now have nobody to play with :frowning:

Anyone want to add X-RHODEN-X on Steam so we can play together tomorrow?


Nice, My PC Lag for 20 hearthlings… Now for 20x8 Hearthlings :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Here’s hoping they let the client side do the heavy lifting and the server the bookkeeping :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes… it’s definitely three other people. Not two.

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Maybe i am once again blind as a mole, but i cant see the multiplayer beta in the dropdownmenu? any tips you guys can throw at me? hehe :smile:

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Ya gotta enter the password “determination” in the box then check code. It’ll add the multiplayer after it confirms.


This is similar to the sleeping mechanic in minecraft, it causes a change in the shared world that impacts everyone. In minecraft, people can only sleep if everybody sleeps in multiplayer. But in some servers I have seen that if someone tries to sleep, everyone gets a message and can decide to sleep as well. Those systems typically need a certainn percentage to agree in order for it to happen.

KSP’s hacky MP also has time management, but I don’t think that is useful. Because of the great distances involved, I believe they always allow time warping, and merge save games later. Not something useful for stonehearth.

In this instance, it may be that if anyone but the host decides to speed the game forwards, the host gets a message and can decide to agree, or you do the system above, where a percentage of everyone needs to agree.

Thank you! And when i looked at it again, it was so damn obvious, it even said put in a code to open up a new beta… hahaha. *walks out and trying to pretend that i was never here asking stupid questions…


first feedback:

  • when trading there is no gold trading screen, it could be usefull to have one
  • it REALLY doesnt like it when your heartligns are between towns(far away). lua goes up to 70%.
    this oddly enough gets better after you clear away the trees and build a highway. may be a pathfinding thing. also i was chased by zombies while this happened. from across the map.
  • there should be some form of allert notifying you of allies under attack. different sound then you under attack.
  • trading works really bloody well beyond that, well done to who made that work!
  • its surprisingly stable but the person joing me said he played two games and both times after placing his banner/hearth he crashed out of the game. after reconnecting he could play normally, his stuff did get placed.

my heartlings did also tend to spawn at the OTHER players camp, which was miles away. required ladders halfway up and down a mountain to save.


I actually played three games, but the first one didn’t crash me. It was in the desert though. =)

also, whoa i suddenly see buildings on the workshop? how does that work?


now i wanna upload too :smiley:

Oh it was someone who just made his buildings I to a mod, which is quite doable of coarse. Downside would be that your subscribed blueprints would then be mandatory for everyone in a game, or that you could not use them when joining someone. Unless maybe you tell the game its a translation mod? That might work

Those blueprints does not work. The guy made a mod with the template inside, but the game will not read it, you still have to manually open his mod and get the files inside, then move it to your templates folder.