IT'S HAPPENING: Multiplayer available on another super-unstable Steam branch!


I guess people should avoid doing that kind of “mod” template for now else workshop will just be a messy place with confussion


yeah i thought as much. (the this not being usefull part) best not to do it this way for now.


Hype Hype! gonna test it in about an hour!


feedback 2: in the “black hearthling” multiplayer menu, it says player 1 above the person joining me, but above me it gives the town name: it might be nice to also show their town name there.


Did they choose their banner yet? Otherwise they don’t have a town name yet.


yeah he had just chosen one, i dont think it updates on the fly, after he crashed and re joined he was actually called something :slight_smile: *name not suitable for polite company


Also, i just tunneled a lake into his campsite, flooding his mudhuts.
we figured out that water completely ignores places items like doors so we couldnt block up the tunnel after a lol that way, nor did blocks stop it propperly i think wayer may need some tinkering.


@Albert added some code for this; at the very least the OLD building editor’s buildings would block water. Check if the new one does also?


Ah didn’t check the old one because I was laughing to hard at my friends drowned “town”

I can do some experiments with it soon, I’ll let you know


Me too, except mine is my internet. Sad Kitty, forever caught in:


Hello all :slight_smile:

Let me share some feedback after a couple of hours of playing with a friend!

  • Crashing; The crashing of the client right after placing their banner, as reported by some, also happened to us. But they were then able to connect back in and everything was normal.
  • Surprisingly Stable; After the initial crash, the session was surprisingly stable! We were able to play with no more stability issues or crashes.
  • Time madness; As others mentioned, time control is somewhat insane :3 I think that perhaps making it like a percentage system could work, for example: you can see how many people are on each speed (little number next to the speed icon) and if that number is > 50%, the speed is set to that speed. For ties (like games with 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 people), Host vote takes priority. Pausing, however, should be something that everyone should be able to, for different reasons :slight_smile:
  • Trading; Lovely! As others mentioned, gold would also be cool. Another great thing to see would be buildable warehouses/marketplaces where players can put fixed amounts of goods for sale and with a fixed price and it could then be opened by other players with an interface similar to the one used by NPC shops/traders. That way you could also “passively” sell stuff or buy from others (and your workers would then “fetch” the goods)
  • Alerts; It’s nice that players can ping each other (alt+click) but maybe it would be interesting to have a “ping” system similar to the Party banners, so you could like create more “permanent” pings like areas to avoid, danger, etc;
  • Colors; I like that each player has a color to determine their stockpiles and such, but maybe it would be nice if: that color was reflected in banners and such and we could pick it on faction choosing? Just an idea :slight_smile:
  • Transfer stuff; I’d love to be able to transfer the ownership of more complex things like animals, hearthlings or buildings themselves.
  • "One team" mode; Would be nice if we could have “native support” for a coop, single town mode!
  • PVP; Ok… I know there is already an “official statement” on PVP but since nothing is written in stone, I’d like to say that this would be an opportunity to make something very special and unique since Stonehearth - having multiplayer - already quite is unique to that "city building, citizen management, Dwarf Fortress-esque style of games. I think that the possibility of diplomacy between players - with alliances, peace, war, truces and such could be very interesting and done with the light-hearted, smiley Stonehearth style. For example, wars could have “casus belli” that you need to inform the player you’re declaring war to and they could be funny things like the stealing of a Poyo or building too close to your favorite Rabbit people statue. It could also, obviously, be optional to servers and not something every game would be forced to have - just something else for those that want it. I’d definitely love to see Hearthling x Hearthling combat and maybe voxel-based destruction/siege weaponry, and I can’t say that it wouldn’t be fun, especially with all the amazing possibilities and fun things that we could have.

I think that it was far smoother and better than I expected, especially being a “restricted”, untested branch. It works nicely, it is super fun and I can’t wait to play more, see it improved and enriched by the community! Multiplayer has been - for me - the greatest differential and convincing feature of Stonehearth’s Kickstarter when I pledged, years ago… And finally trying it out was a delicious experience! This is possibly the greatest thing about this game and the one with the largest potential to make it stand out among the other “city builders/villager manager” games, and I hope to see it grow more and more <3

With love,


Wow… just wow!

This initial multiplayer release surpassed all expectations!

It was stuttering a lot at 4 players who each had 10ish Hearthlings, but it still never crashed during my three hour session.

Additionally, we used a very heavily modded game, and it still worked fine, with all mods behaving as intended. Sure, we got a lot of UI errors but a quick F5 fixed that and kept us going.

Multiplayer opened up a LOT of new playstyles. We had the host focus on military/blacksmithing while me and another played supplied them with leather/cloth for buildings and armouring. In return the host provided us military protection.

Overall a 7.5/10 experience without context, but if you take into account that this is the first release of multiplayer, then it’s an easy 10/10 experience.

Nothing went wrong and we had tons of fun helping each other out as a team while growing.


Also after just playing with 3 others, I cant state enough how blueprints/schematics need to be fixed first for multiplayer, it is THE thing you miss the most while playing like this


Unfortunately doors aren’t currently solid, so they don’t block water or projectiles. They just prevent entities from pathing through them.


Tried out two games last night, one where i joined a game and one where i hosted. Alot of the bugs are already reported and i see that there was a hotfix while i slept, so i will wait until i test the mp further with making reports.

But my feedback on the concept that MP have…
I have been disapointed earlier on how the “empire building” did not seem to be the future. While playing yesterday, it really gave me that empirefeeling, even though we only where a few players and that the map werent huge! Still the mapsize felt really big!

So when all the bugs on MP, builder and whatnot is fixed, i think this will be a really cool way to play with others… Actually i think it will be better than the empire builder vision i clinged my hopes to :smile:

One thing that my experience as a host gave me, was alot of lag… really constantly, we where 4 players in the end, so 8 players would most likely have been impossible! Maybe we need a list of players that have the rig AND an internet connection that could carry 8 players?

Good job so far :sunny:


@fornjotr funilly enough we didn’t notice this lag, only when monsters attacked us all. But I’ll host next time if you want, should eliminate the problem :stuck_out_tongue: (home built pc, it’s on the chunky side…)


Wars are as light-hearted as the players make them to be. It could stay at stealing poyo’s or it could be slaughtering all the enemies hearthlings. And maybe someone Reaaaly trips at seeing the other build around their favorite bunny shrine. (Bottom line: something about perspectives, and what players seek in the game differing from player to player.)

One major argument I’ve heard against PvP was the argument of balance between playstyles. Basically, different playstyles lead to different rates of getting military might, which could force everyone on the server to take the best tactic militarily speaking as to avoid your city being bullied by military force. That scenario would, after all, not be so light-hearted. Some people just want to build cities, not fight.

For PvP to become a thing in the way you suggest, there would need to be built in disadvantages for bullies who go on (unwanted) unilateral war, and protections for those who don’t want to be bothered with said bullies. (I know unilateral war is unwated war, I just wanted to clarify.) Currently, that built in protection is the inability to declare war in the first place.

So,… there is that side of the debate. :smiley:

(P.S. A mod is also a great protection against that. After all, every player needs to agree on the mod pack. If I didn’t want people attacking my city, I would turn away as soon as I see I need the Hostile_MP mod to join. I think that might be the reason Radiant wants it as a mod.)

((P.P.S: Maybe I also need to go into why Co-Op MP does keep in mind the differnce in playestyles. You see, if you all build the same town, and have different playstyles, you can complement each other. One person can be the minister of defense, focussing on, well, defence; another can be the minister of infrasturcture, and yet another can be the minister of finances and resource management.))


I really like what has been said on diplomacy. Really was hoping for an optional PvP button in multiplayer setup screen. They only said “currently”


I am looking for people to play stonehearth with all my friends don’t want to get it. I am willing to host and have a beefy computer to do so. [GLS] Blitz I also made a small community for people to play stonehearth together and find good hosts as I am sure many are looking more than I can handle. Discord I looked through the rules and I am pretty sure this is okay but please contact me kindly if it is not.


drop your steam name over in the steam name thread, people tend to clump up via steam so far ( just had a 7 player gam :’)

also, we had like 55 ish heartlings in total running around, that seemed to cause quite a bit of a slow down, also whatever you do dont use the old builder, the new one is more multiplayer proof somehow.