[MOD]Functional Stairs

I came across this post by @Sean61616. He said he made a set, but they weren’t functional, so I decided to give it a go and see if I could make one that was functional.

When you are building, you need to cut out a 2x4 section of the second floor for the upper railing to match up. There’s some animation issues I didn’t bother with trying to figure out how to keep your stonehearth citizens from walking though the railing because it is my understanding that stairs are going to be built into the game at some point, so this is something you can use until then.

As with anything I create, anyone is free to use the files to make their own, just note on this one you have to have a citizen place it down instead of the debug stamping tool.

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Technically you cant release this mod anymore; This is a new feature they are working on~

yes and no ^^ he doenst spoiler anything and he has only made an object (no codehack) - so there shouldnt be any issues - expect that this stairs have a specific lang and cant be used anywhere ^^

I assume the way they are planning on doing it would be similar to how ladders are built, or how you can build stairs in the later iterations of The Sims, where the stairs are placed from one point to another. This one is an object that is the same height as the walls in buildings, and the collision areas are set in a way that the little block people will walk up in the same way as if you cut stairs into the terrain.

for the object: sounds good ^^

for the planning: like i have understand and seen they will add next railings , the end ideas i dont know :wink:

Also it doesn’t really count that much as spoiling when a version already exist in the unstable branch

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Sounds like some of you have some insight on where the devs are going in terms of the recent stair-tool updates. Are they really going to have automated builds of railings in the game?

I have just been getting back into modding after several months hiatus, and my main project is a mod to add several styles of banisters to the current voxel stairs. Just hoping all my efforts are not soon to be obsolete before I even finish…

For me it’s just purely speculation based on how easy it was to make a working set of stairs after I couldn’t find any listed here. Are you referring to adding to stairs that I am unaware of, or carving stairs into the terrain?

in the A17 unstable there is a stair tool in the building editor, though they aren’t a fancy model like yours, more of a “slab” staircase with adjustable width/height and such.

Man, I don’t know how I missed that. Looks like I was right in that they were doing it the same way you could in The Sims.

I’m not taking the same approach as you with a full pre-fab staircase. I didn’t check your mod out yet, but I assume that is a single object. My mod is dozens of pieces of banister/railing that need to be placed like individual pieces of furniture on the “slab stairs” 8BitCrab referenced.