Stairway to hell bug

Alpha 10_5-10 build

Progress towards Dinkleburg is not going well as I was trying to create stairs inside a building, but instead I get a bug that breaks my building and any other building I try to make, so I have to revert to a save before I started building.

It’s obvious (Or at least I think it is) to me that this error occurs because stonehearth doesn’t like floating inside stairs I suppose, probably something to do with hearthlings not being able to build scaffolding on the inside while building I guess, so they can’t reach it.

When I try to edit after having finished the stairs

The error that is thrown

The error says something about blueprints and floors, but without a doubt it’s those blasted stairs!
Didnt occur until I had finished it.

Probably could have been avoided if I didn’t want to make it pretty, but in this case, I think a pretty cool suggestion here would be to allow hearthlings to create scaffolding and ladders on the inside of buildings, so they can build walls and stairs on the inside that they would normally wouldnt be able to reach. Then this error might not occur… as much I guess.