New destroy animation?

Hmmm i have seen that it gives a method to ?smash? voxel objects. i dont know why but i think it would look cool when trees, mobs etc. would be fall apart like this style

for example for each tree chop it will rain voxel and then it will fall apart etc.


Looks great! If I recall correctly Cube World and a Minecraft mod implemented this and it always received positive feedback. I personally give a :+1: to it.


This is amazing! I’d love it if Radiant were able to implement this!!

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more responses or likes = higher possibility xD

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you have right they use it in cube world for mod killing ^^ an mod for minecraft i couldnt find xD

I am pretty sure I know why it isn’t implemented: voxel physics like this basically eat PCs. Stonehearth is very heavy handed on processor requirements already, voxel physics would probably make it unplayable for most people.

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that could be true ^^ but the voxel already exist and at the end its only an animation ^^ not the complete physic ^^ like the animation for the fire where voxels spark in the light … ok im not to much in c++ but i dont think this would increase the usage to much xD

and for the physic … i think perhaps later they will implent this for the combat ^^

You do know that the fire is amongst the most taxing things, right? People experience most lag at night. And fires only have 5 particles at a time…

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ok the problem could be that i have never any issues with lags with stonehearth ^^ and i can say my cities are lightening like its day xD

Well, i’m pretty sure it Will hog on the CPU quite a bit,
The particle system right now can’t read in .qb files and implement them, so you’ll have to either make a destroy particle effect for every single combination and veriation of appearance, and everysingle destructable object
Or make the game read in every single voxel in the model(or all that is on the outside of it, and have it make it fall to the ground automatically, which as you can inagine, is a pretty big job for the CPU

I’m not a code guy either, but i’m pretty sure i’m not mistaken on this