The Apple Tree Mod

I have created my first mod for this game, thanks to a certain awesome voxel editing device known as quibicle stone-hearth edition I can now make models. And yea I suck at making models… so what.

I have here for you today

The Apple Tree Mod

This mod replaces all berry bushes with apple trees, and the basket of berries is now a basket of apples, and the apple tree even has a nice description YEA! (its my first mod for this game, give me a break lol)

Simply back up your stoneerhearth.smod in your mods folder, and replace it with this.

Apple Tree Mod


It looks great, but I think you should limit the apples to the underbelly of the tree, or else it’ll look like the tree had a recent bout of malaria…


I’ll go ahead and do that, Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of adding a “cook” profession, who makes apple pie… as-well


Well, it is best to start simple.
It is the learning experience that counts more than the look if you just begin modding. :thumbsup:

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Good start. I have to agree with @Swift_Cube… might look a tiny bit more natural if the apples are hanging down. Looking forward for your apple-pie recipe :wink:.

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hey, nice work on your first mod! thirding the “low hanging fruit” suggestion…

can’t wait to start mass producing those pies! :smile:

Maybe start with a nice cinder until Radiant adds wheat.

Well, this is an idea that I’m going to shamelessly copy as RP mod… Seeing as I already have some sort of apple model.

Idea… you should make the apples bigger in quibicle, than size them down to “average” apple size, that way you can have more detail on your apples!

…ho…ho…how dare you.

(Just kidding)

Awesome! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

It…seems…so…obvious…now. Cool, and +1 on the hanging apple comments…so are oranges on the horizon?

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An even newer IDEA! how about you make more fruits other than apples? Like Pairs, bananas, oranges, and star fruit!, you could even make a mod about plants that grow better in the cold and the desert, example snow-cane (sugar cane) and a Sanderine (a tangerine).

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I actually plan to do something like this, with multiple fruits etc.

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Awesome! A fruit mod =D

Begins Salivating


I had the same idea, but figured Radiant would eventually add them anyway, because it is so obvious. Doesn’t make much sense to mod something in that might well be part of vanilla next month…except as practice, of course.