Forester Class mod WIP

Hey after some smaller modding tests I decided to add something I really miss in stoneheart
The Foreter class
While the farmer cares about his fields, the forester should cares about the crops and plants in the world.
The forester will get a new area where full grown trees, flowers and bushes will be harvested automaticly and new trees will be plant if seeds are in the stockpile.


This is definitely something people will enjoy and kinda need right now ! Also upgraded workers (backpacks,carts) is missing, but both fill the same gap more or less currently. @BrunoSupremo might be able to help you with this one.

Can’t wait for it to go live !

I can take a look at it later to help. But UI interaction is something I never touched before.

If you mean that you can’t figure out what code to write so that the zone appears by all the others (Farming, Stockpile, etc), I’d have a look in stonehearth\ui\game\start_menu and it’s corresponding “start_menu” files.

Yes that’s it thank you.
1 problem solved 1000 more to do :wink:

this is a suggestion i made a while ago and love the fact that you’re attempting to tackle it. good going! There is but one minor problem i see with it currently however. Does it randomly choose a seed from the stockpile? can it pick them from storage chests and crates? how does it decide where to place the seed or does it pick up a seed, chop a tree down, then place the see where the tree fell? what does the job tell the hearthling to do if the tree has two ways of harvesting from it like the coconut tree in the archipeligo biome mod where they can drop coconuts or chopped down entirely? many questions in regards to this kind of job due strictly to engine limitations, or at the very least MODDING limitations.

I will go with the normal place order and the normal harvest order so that also other hearthlings can also do the job.
So in the situation of the coconuttree it would be just harvest the fruits :wink:
The situation about the placement is something I will think about.
atm I do it with the trap placement of the trapper but I also thinking about If it should be placed on the last harvested spot.
I’ll also think if I allow to place the area on stone dirt mixed areas and how I check if the tree is placed on dirt then.