New workers: lumberjack and warrior

Hello Stonehearth team!
I have a small but usefull sugestion for new workers.
Its the lumberjack and a new soldier troop the warrior.
The lumberjack gets his axe from the stone masion, he will cut down trees, collect the logs and bring them to stocks or chest’s. maybe he also replant trees when taking the saplings from a field to make infinity recources of wood. his upgraded style would be the warrior. his axe is made by the blacksmith. hes a powerfull axe warrior with strenght buffs. he gives near by soldiers a strenght boost when atacking. maybe making him like an dwarf :slight_smile:

that was my suggestion, i hope you like it!

This class would only really work the way you state it with the Ascendency in the Lush biome. I play Ascendency in the desert and can say, except for planting trees then harvesting them (which would save a constant annoyance), this wouldn’t work well at all.


never played in the desert is there a way to get trees?

There are a few trees; the amount will differ depending on your Map Seed. But it is far less than in the Forest.
If you have a high-skilled Farmer you can plant your own trees (late game). :slight_smile:

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Desert biome still has some trees, there just few and far apart. IMO, the best thing to do is get a Farmer ASAP so they level up. Once they hit high enough, you can grow seedlings to plant your own trees. Then from there, you have as much wood as you want in the desert.

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hmmm maybe a forester who take these trees and planting them, the lumberjack is chopping them down

both could be in the late game also, so you already have a farmer at lvl 6 to grow trees on fields

Farmers can only plant trees by reaching level 6 (currently, the highest level) - do you mean a Forester should be able to plant trees prior your Farmers reach level 6?
Or would the Forester simply take priority as maintainer of the tree-farms that your farmers have set up?

Myself, I have not felt a need for a Forester or Lumberjack yet so I am only asking to get a better picture of the situation :slight_smile:

the forester is an farmer upgrade, he takes the trees made by the farmer and planting them
the lumberjack is cutting the trees and brings the wood he get to stocks or valid chest’s

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Oh, so the Forester takes the acctual seedlings and plant them (in a designated area); I understand now.
In that case I can see their respective need/use. :slight_smile:

Thank you for explaining it to me, @H3roDude!

no problem :slight_smile:

I don’t think Forestry works like that, typically the person who takes care of the patch of wood is also the person responsibly to take it down again and get it processed.
Another thing is that a Forester + Lumberjack would imply we will need a Butcher + Cook ?
I realize we have a lot of potential within the limits of the game, but staying true to some core aspects are very important for the devs. Having this said you can’t split every class the way building is done, it would simply bottleneck the game somewhere at this point.