Instant trading with distant traders

It would be really nice if when a trader arrived offering “x amount of those for x amount of these,” you had the option to trade right then if you had the items. Like if you agree to the trade and you had the items, they would say something like “I see you already have what I requested, would you like to trade now or shall I return in x number of days.”

Always a little sad when they want three watermelon for something you’ve been looking for but you have to wait three days to trade the watermelon you’ve had since the beginning.

Thanks for reading and what do you guys think?


nothing much to say other than its logic and should be implemented in the game :slight_smile:


On the other hand, this man is looking for something but that doesn’t mean he has the seeds already ?

Actually, this gave me an idea. The same way we can build a merchant stall, we should be able to build a trading post. Then (maybe once a day) you can click the trading post and it’ll give you a list of 4-5 trade options. You can accept any and as many as you’d like. It gives you varying time limits to complete the trade. but in a fashion similar to the township quest, whenever you have it ready you can just send it out. This means you can fulfill the trade immediately, after a day or right before the timer is about to run out.


This thought occurred to me but if I were a hearthling, there is no way I’d accept a trade if they didn’t have the thing on hand. Like I’m not about to make 10 more oil lamps than I need if I don’t know what the sword his is offering looks like. If any of that makes sense, it’s a bit early for me XD

But hey tells you what kind of sword you get :stuck_out_tongue:

@GamingSilverNox I love this idea! :jubilant:

Perhaps @Relyss could tell us if it is possible?

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Very good thing IMO, the idea of traders coming to your town only trading with items but no gold is great but needs some improvement i guess, like your suggestion.

@Gaddiel very nice, i love your idea doing it similar ways like with mercheant stalls. So I have to option to build a traders estate and designe it my own way!

In addition, my suggestion is to let the trader stalls have different requirements to build them, according to what kind of goods traders want from you.


Here’s my take on trading.

i) Someone comes to your shop and tells you: “I will give you this, and you will give me that in return” (instant transaction)
ii) Someone comes to your shop and tells you: “What would you want for this thing you have here? Ok, let me go get it” (not instant - he goes to get the object.
iii) someone comes to your shop and tells you: “I got this thing here, if you can get/make/acquire this, we can trade” (not instant - you go to get something to trade with)
iv) someone comes to your shop and tells you: “I would get for you this if you can get for me this” (not instant, both he and you need to get something)

i) and iv) both are in game while ii) can happen (if you happen to have the thing he wants). iii) never happens.