How to Make Trading Better

So I was playing on the world of Castle Granite. [Apparently the save files from r180 were incompatible, but Stonehearth let me continue anyways. Good job with that one, Radiant!] Anyways, I got this trade that particularly caught my eye: 3 mean beds => 2 comfy beds. This is awesome for a lot of reasons. First, the items are related! Perhaps it’s a bed trader going around; at least, it’s not the medieval equivalent of a big box store that sells everything. Second, it costs more than through regular crafting. Many people might not like that extra price, but what if I don’t have a weaver, or in my case, if my weaver is busy? Instead of waiting for my weaver to make thread and cloth, I just have to wait for the trader to come around again. It ties in to that idea I’ve seen repeated around the discourse a lot:

“You can decide how far you want to go with optimization.”

Also, it makes sense - any real trader would want to make more than they spent.

I’d love to hear the Stonehearth community’s thoughts on how to improve crafting!

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I don’t want to comment on what you’ve suggested before to let others come and hop in. Let me rather explain my own idea:

Trading should have an influence of some kind of invisible reputation towards other travellers. There are so many useless trades (e.g. 15 logs - 2 chairs) that you can instead use to get a better reputation by trading nonetheless and have more travellers/caravans come in.


On the whole post I would say this would tie into when traders become a physical thing that visit your city.

But I agree 100% a more realistic trade system is in order! Right now you can get some pretty dis-logical trades.