(Suggestions) Goblins and Trading - Not of the Same Variety

Hey there everyone!,

 Just wanted to throw down some ideas real quick. Eh, why not, right?

 Anyway, just two quick things.
  • One, I was thinking about adding a “Finish Trading”-type button to any trade offers that come up in the game. I’m not sure if there’s another way that I’ve missed, but for me, it seems that hitting just the ‘X’ button to complete the transaction just feels a bit off. Having a “Finish Trading” button, or something along those lines, would be a bit more affirmative and user-friendly… in my opinion of course.

  • Second, this one just stems from my excessive need for detail and what have you. With the goblins and their camps, may I suggest that when a camp is destroyed and or the Goblins leave the area, their camp ground no longer exists. Meaning the indent they leave in the foundation just reforms back to how it originally was.

    Again, this just stems from my need of detail, or my attention to it.

But yeah, that’s everything for now. What do you guys think! Let me know!


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