"Trader from a faraway land" needs more options

Hi everyone!

So, due to hurricane Irma, I’ve had an exorbitant amount of free time. After our power came back on, we still do not have internet (besides phones). This little info is to explain as to why my post may seem ‘obsessive’, due to the time I’ve spent playing since it was one of the only games I had the foreshadowing to download.

That being said, there were a few problems that I’ve run into. I can get over how ruthless goblins and other mobs are now, how it’s incredibly long to level up the engineer, or even the fact that there are still idle problems with the villagers and they still sometimes try to commit suicide by getting trapped on a roof because they took up the ladder before they climbed down.

I’ve come into the business of collecting stuff. I have lots of stuff now. Most times, there’s nothing to do with the stuff. However, I can sell the stuff to traders. My favorite trader is the “Faraway Land” trader. He gives me the chance to obtain new seeds that I didn’t have before. But, there’s a catch.

As of right now, you have all of those seeds and plants that you can’t do anything with. Just like the trader can give you options to obtain seeds, why can’t the same trader be used for recipes? It would be amazing to just see a popup “Eyyyyyy it’s ya boy Faraway Trader, and if you got 5 stone benches, I got you for a Beef Stew recipe!” (Or… however they want to word it)

TLDR: Spent 2.5 weeks only having Stonehearth to play, want more options from ‘Faraway Land’ trader.


honestly, i want the trader to be optional, you know, traders only show up when you actually have a shop

cause right now, they are preeeeetty annoying

I could understand if you were talking about the traders that you can sell things to, since the shop lets you do that, but I’m referring to the traders that ask for X to give you Y.

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so am i
i never care about the traders giving me furniture i could craft myself (and should, since being able to craft high tier furniture is a sign of a functioning town), so most of the time the “trader” pop up just gets in the way

Then why didn’t you make a post about wanting the ability to limit the trader popups instead of hijacking this one which is in regards to offering more items?

what I’d like is if the trader actually adjusted what he is likely to sell to you based on his last visit with a few random things here and there. so you buy all the wood he has, next time he shows up with more wood and less of other things, just samples according to how much gold you invested into that trading item


because i think making trader dependent on trading posts would be a part of a trader overhaul

That sounds pretty cool too, Genboom :slight_smile:

Maethendias, I’m not really asking for any type of trader overhaul with this thread. I’m asking for a specific kind of trader. None that you could buy/sell with trading posts or anything. The one you have to specifically wait for that is all pure text.

Having recipes and other more unique rewards for these trader quests (and quests in general) is definitely something we’re considering. Right now you quickly run into a limit on what you might care about getting from them at all, so our priority is first to make items more interesting, useful and valuable (which is one of the focuses of Alpha 23), and in future alphas I expect we’ll be looking into ways to make obtaining these items more interesting (of which the faraway trader is one option).

I hope having to spend 2.5 weeks playing Stonehearth was the biggest of your Hurricane Irma misfortunes!


how is any of the current traders NOT pure text XD

A few of them straight up give you visual a “Buy/Sell”-window and thus these are not pure text - @Nikia is talking about traders who do not have this visual input.
Instead, they only say - in text - “If you give me 1 Wooden Door, I might be able to give you Water Melon Seeds in return” etc.

I wish I could trigger those quests instead of them being random events, sometimes they take too long to show up and other times they show up too soon. how about hey the trader meets at a set distance from the players settlement near the edge of the map. if there are enemies too bad you need to secure your trade route

Maethendias, I’m talking about this type of trader: 0a8ecb786f5454266003759480db207dad3ba051

There’s no buy/sell option for these ones.

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Unrelated, but geez - 76 windows for 1 Potter’s Cutter?
God damn, Trader! xD


I wouldn’t say it was a misfortune at all. I’ve only ever played here and there, given up and did something else. This was the first time I’ve been able to get passed the first 4 months and really get a town off the ground.

LOL Well, an ability to use more crafting recipes and cooking recipes would be a good thing. It seemed like the simplest way to to that would be through the “trader from a distant land”. It would just be a slight modification to the offer table that popup has.