Trading / map (singleplayer+multiplayer)

I feel (and as I see there are a few more posts like this) like the trading can be greatly improved, and I think it’s one of the big factors affecting the replay quality.

It’d be nice to see an improved trading system which in which you’d attract traders who give you what you need. Although I like this idea I feel like it’s too easy to get everything you need in general while still maintaining a efficient town. I’d like to see maps with different resources. For example you can’t get allot of water in a desert normally so if the need for water would be added you could maybe trade urns full of water? Let’s say your crops need water to grow or even your citizens, then this would definatly improve the need to manage your town well. You could make maps in which certrain plants aren’t grown, like the plants you need for a carpenter, herbalist or your food variety just won’t be very good affecting the morale (I feel like the morale is rather easy to gain and would like to see it more balanced in the end product ;P). I feel like when creating the multiplayer mode it’d be awesome to see different areas like these on the maps so the player trading is greatly improved. (PS it’d be incedibly cool if in the multiplayer mode there would be a trader with some sort of AI, one that doesn’t spawn in resources but actually analizes which town has what and what it might need and travels between towns to actually trade (of course you could even make an option when creating a custom multiplayer game to let a player be the trader. (Oh and for the issue if the trader runs out of money you could give it or the players to abillity to let players infest in the trader and give money so they go fetch those items you need))

Okey so I guess I’ll leave it at that… it’s quite a text xD

I hope this was helpful :3

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I guess they already have something along these lines implemented, or at least the roots of the system? Seed traders for example? tier 2 traders? The market stalls? But i agree with you, that being able to focus on trade by specializing your settlement on a specific ressource or craft would be cool! Im sure we will se a bigger development on this area in the future :slight_smile: