Multiplayer Trading

I just saw the Desktop Tuesday that showcased trading. I thought it would be neat if that was possible between 2 multiplayer kingdoms. For example in your town “menu” you will designate what you are selling, and the price of it, then the other player(s) can click on your city anytime, and buy from you. Then a worker (walks/rides) to your city to deliver whatever you purchased. And maybe besides just that On-Demand system, you could have perma trade routes. This system would be similar to trading in Civ V. “I’ll give you 10 gold per day if you supply me with consistent food”.


Multiplayer Trading? As creating your own caravan and moving it to other players town to trade?

With mobs or hostile players availability to attack it, kill/beat the spork out of the people and take the stuff/kidnap the personnel?

Sounds good to me. In Multiplayer version it may replace the generic caravans. :smile:

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I was thinking more civ style. You don’t send the caravan out there until you"click" on thew other persons village and “order” stuff from them. Then the caravan comes, and ove rcourse, goblins will loot it.

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Hm maybe they will add a merchant class for some thing such as this?