Mercenaries and trading

all the traders came from somewhere and that place probably has a military fores. it would be a grate economic loss if my town (aka a main customer) so why can’t we buy mercenaries.
my idea is a new job “trader” (that requires a wagon made by the carpenter and\or the engineer) that can do 3 things. 1: obviously hire mercenaries… he can go away and for a price when he comes back he will bring a mercenary camp (that you can decide where to place) that will protect you until you stop paying them

2: traveling merchant… you give him stuff you don’t want/want to sell and he will sell the stuff for more money then you could by selling to traders that come to your town (in exchange for loosing 1 worker temporarily)

3: setting up trades for example 2 bronze sword for 1 bone axe


Hi giladthebut,

Does the trades have to match a certain value between items ?

e.i. 2 swords (price 100 pieces total) for a bone axe (value < or = 100 pieces).

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ya kinda i guess but their could be a chance that the triad will be excepted even if its non beneficial it just has a lower cans

oh i for got to mention this could be a way for people to interact with each other in a multiplayer setup along with friendly raiding and or battle assistants

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Almost same post

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a:sorry i didnt know
b: my idea is more in depth (and more recent so more people will see it ):wink: