Hiring Mercs Out

Heres an idea, gonna keep it simple


Footman or Soldiers of any type, that offer their service to you. They come in like traders, Offer the service for a certian amount of days, and you pay them gold in exchange.

Examples 1:

A Merc has appoarch your town

Hello (town), I’m (random name). I see you are not very well
protected. I am willing to offer you services for (days) for the amount of

Accept Reject

Example 2:

A Merc strolls into town

I see that you having problems with the Local Orcs. I am (random name)
For a certain amount (gold), I could help you out for (days) to get rid of this

Accept Reject


-they show up like traders

-must pay an upfront fee

-stays till the days are up

-slightly more buffed then; say the typical class they represent (nothing big)

-when low on health they run away (do not die) and wait to be fully healed or healed to a certain point and go back to what they was doing (IF incapacitated, they despawn leaving town)

-If not healed within a certain time, they leave or just stay away from trouble

-Must always leave when time is up (even in fight)

Side note:
yes you could possible hire multiple mercs

This could also be a starting package too, as they more frequently show up or u get a merc at the start for a certain amount of time

Side note 2: Also just like the trader stall you can build and install something (like a Wanted Poster Board) to click on to get a merc offer. The merc shows up asking the amount to help


Wow! Really like this Idea, It would also give the players that enjoy trading a way of defending themselves!
Maybe there could be a thing they could build where the mercs could be bought for multiple days?
That way a large trading empire would be able to keep an army of mercs! That would be really cool!

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Given that RC are traders and not warriors this might be a great way of letting them compensate for lack of early metal gear since they have to go Potter>Mason>Blacksmith. Note that blacksmith requires a fair amount of wood to level, which RC just doesn’t have as available and not to mention they lose one whole piece every night to the campfire.


MAybe, but i would assume it would be expensive, and still most likey limit how many merc or how frequent they show up.

the Wanted poster board would work with a limit on how many u can call


Let say u click the Poster Board, a merc shows up, you hire him/her out, for say 5 days. Maybe the max time u can have the merc. You can not click the board say for another 3 days, to hire another. Yes it possible to stack them, but other will leave eventually to balance it.

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Would your hearthlings save them if they are incapacitated? If they die do you get a toomstone or their armor? If you have better gear then them will they equip the better gear and return it when they leave? After the time they will stay could you increase their time at town? Do you need to feed them?
Just some thoughts.


no they run form fight if hurt badly, if they do get incapacitated, they despawn leaving the town

No follow first answer

they always keep up with gear/or depending on the merc. They are a merc they have their own trust worthy equipment

no, they leave when time is up. If ur lucky the same merc shows up, then u got lucky but no

Again they are merc, they come with supplies of their own, so they have their own food, or could have bought with the gold u gave them. either way no need to feed them

Side note: also they dont level up, they come in at same or slight better level of ur current highest level of any militay soldiers u have and have a slight boost to stats or something

Yeah, this would be awesome. I wonder if this could be added as a mod? Or maybe the devs could add this in when they rework the trader and make the trader show up in town when they come too trade. (Maybe have an item that you need to place that will start triggering the chance of mecs to show up? Like a placable bulletin board? Like to contract out jobs or something)

If no one gets to it first, I will try to mod this in.

Actually (like I said in the stream when you bring up the idea), I was already working/sketching in it, it is in my mods folder for 2 months now lol. But it basically has nothing in it yet, just a few notes and to-do lists.
There were other priorities and at the time I didn’t knew a few techs that would make these things easy to code.

I was really surprised as how similar this idea was to what I was planning.

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This may be a dumb idea, but what if other people showed up as well? Like say a worker, or a farmer. They could have bonus stats so like the worker mines 150% or runs faster, or the farmer is lvl 6 or has a chance of getting special quality food or something?

Actually try and let the devs respond to this first and see if they will work this in, if not. I dont mind it being a mod, I first brought up in stream and then She responded back that Richard was interested in bring mercs, but didnt have any ideas yet. so made this to throw to him. just my opinion


Nice idea but there should be a limit of mercs you can hire and if you have reached the max citizen limit you can not hire mercs anymore.

I’d like to see it be an option to defend yourself completely with Mercs. Focusing on crafting and trading. And to tack on to the “training” idea of another post, Mercs of greater skill will speed the leveling of your own troops. Or simply just use them to augment your own forces. Maybe equipment is payment or partial payment for their service. How about if your blacksmith creates a superior or “legendary” weapon or armor it attracts the attention of Mercs? The level of food you are producing might raise or lower their fee. In a similar fashion, your village could have a reputation for being dangerous, (Mercs have died in service before) and that raises their fee.

Apologies to @micheal_handy76_mh for the contradiction of some of your idea, just thinking differently…


I wouldnt totally agree with this, maybe to balance it u could limit how many mercs u can have at 1 time say 5
another side is the more pop u have the less merc u can have. Say your at 50 hearths then 5, but say your at 10 hearths you could have like 20 (If you could afford that.and even if u get lucky to get to that many.)

Wouldnt totally agree with that. As you grow and have alot of hearths you should be able to protect urself ie: soilders, turrets ect ect

lol nice idea, just a bit too OP

this you could do no matter, only issue is that u dont know what merc is coming till they contact u. So lets say one shows up. (and ur looking for that knight) but he turns out to be a footman. will u turn him/her away? another may not show up for a few day. all about the pros and cons. And also they could have traits and moods that will affect them too.

I dont know about this, Flat fee of gold seems stonehearth simple, but totally not against it either cause—

I this could be possible to (as the devs spoke treasure(loot) u find will be coming) yeah a Merc is attacted to that item. which in turns to ur previous idea, and they want it then u could pay them with that.

Food should have no issue with merc. Either way they have their own supplies. they are roamer after all. and Food should not lower or raise the cost.

This is awesome, Rep of your town affect peeps outside ur town. Love it. And in turn bring Rep to the game :jubilant:

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This is awesome, Rep of your town affect peeps outside ur town. Love it. And in turn bring Rep to the game :jubilant:

Better yet, if you have multiple saves in the game some of the mercs coming to offer assistance could be soldiers from other saves!

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naw, too hard to pull off, they need ot keep it simple like the traders

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This is cute. Once we expand out the combat system and review the accessibility of certain classes, I can definitely see an interesting desire to higher these types of people (especially if they’re a class that is hard to get/unavailable to you). I’ll file it away for consideration along with the class review!


Thanks @Brackhar for taking a look at this and considering it.

This idea sort of reminded me of an old wii-ware final fantasy spin-off title I loved to death as a kid called “My Life As A King”. It’s an adorable little city-builder-y type game with a deep storyline, and if you’ve got a wii/-u and $10, I totally recommend it.

But anyways, on-topic, My Life As A King had a mechanic sort of like that where, after building an Inn, wandering adventurers, or sometimes just really interesting travelers, would come and stay for a few days, and the adventurers could be sent out on quests with your own recruited adventures from town.

Maybe that Inn mechanic could be interesting? It would require being able to set beds specifically to travelers, and maybe the mercs would stay based on the quality of the inn (space, decor, bed quality, etc)


I thought about that, but dont want to go over simple with it. Why i mentioned the Wanted Poster Board. Doing a Inn mechanic would require anyone have to build and tons of items.

The Wanted Poster Board is like the stall of traders, you click it (like placing a poster) and a merc shows up with an offer to help

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@micheal_handy76_mh yeah, you do have a point. but if the mercs would be staying in town for a few days, they would need a place to sleep though, right? I mean assumedly they’d come prepared with a bedroll or something, but like, id want my big scary mercenaries to have a cozy bed to sleep in, yknow?

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