Blacksmith Trader and Craftable Gold

Just wondering, is there a black trader that can come to your town? One that sells ores, bars, armor, and weapons??? If there isn’t, there should be one.

Also, I’ve noticed that gold and silver ore have no use in the game… Shouldn’t we be able to make coins with the blacksmith? And what about silver?

Just my thoughts.


well the ores trader was suggested here,

and i was thinking the same thing with the coins. it could be done by the blacksmith after they reached a certain level, is what my thoughts were.


Why was my topic moved here? Mine has nothing to do with ore selling. It has to do with weapons.armor selling, craftable gold, and no use for gold/silver ore.

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It adds to the suggestion. But if you’d prefer to have it on a different topic, I don’t really mind :confused:


You could just sell the bars to make some money. Gold bars should be worth more than a wooden shield though, imo. 75-100 gold for a gold bar and 25-50 gold for a silver bar would be reasonable.

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A trader that sells ores and maybe a few types of armor / weapons I would say. a trader selling you bars seems kinda pointless to me. You’re just loosing Smith exp.

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It speeds up the process some, which may be important if you want to prepare for the attacks happening in almost no time at all. And if you already have a high level black smith, then you don’t really need the xp. I have a level 6 and a level 5 blacksmith in my current city. But I also have 12 sets of steel equipment, so buying ores, bars, or weaponry/armor would be pointless for me at this point except to get my net worth up.

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Yes, but bars are pretty hard to craft…

But saving precious time…

Cough Undead Cough


They are not hard to craft. Its just that silver only has a 5% chance of being obtained and gold only has a 2.5% chance of being obtained, making the raw materials relatively rare (compared to 7-10% for other ores) and it takes two ores to make a single bar.

A steel longsword sells for 199 gold and requires 4 steel bars - 8 iron ores and 8 coal ores, which on average takes 50% longer to mine the ores than for gold bars and ~6 times longer to actually put them together and requires a level 4 blacksmith. So compared to longswords, 30 gold for a gold bar is not bad. But I think all of the blacksmith’s creations are undervalued. Even the tin and copper bars should be worth more than a wooden shield since they require rarer raw materials and they require two of them. Wooden shields for 10 gold and tin/copper bars for 30 gold would be reasonable in my opinion. Iron bars for 50 gold, bronze and silver bars for 70 gold, steel bars for 100 gold, gold bars for 150 gold, steel longsword for 550 gold, and steel armor for 600 gold. I’m assuming eventually they’re going to add more recipes for gold and silver, perhaps things like silver ring, diamond gold ring, etc that will be worth a lot more.


hey im working on a mod that dose that (but I’m a N00B at coding but try and do like the “do it” guy for help :3 )

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i have den working on the code how ever there is newer things Im also adding like gold to per gold that you can make to coins that will be 100G more then the 60 that you get in game (yaa rediant has a vid on how to make ^.^ )